The Past

Walking into that death camp during the world wars, and still feeling the chills of what had happened here ages ago, translated…

I’d heard, that the Nazi death camp of Auschwitz in Poland had maintained the way it’d looked in World War II, I’d made a trip there specially to see.

It was like that time had, froze up, stopped here, and not moved on.

I’d trekked in the midst of the quarters, and was, surrounded by this icy, cold lonesomeness.

There were, the flower offerings by the “Wall of Death”, with the five flag poles behind it, and, there was, a flag made from the blue-striped prisoner wardrobe, blown in the wind, like how the victims back then were, faced with the unknowns of what’s to become of them in the next second of life.

All who endured this hoped, that this time can pass by fast enough.

the wall that the writer of this article visited in Auschwitz, photo from the papers…

But, the thunder always struck suddenly, before they had the chances of picking up their luggage, their plastic shoes, classes, even hair, like how the winder of time, winded too tightly………

When, will all of this pass for real?

I gazed toward that willow in the distance, holding up that gray sky, felt even more sorrowful than before. I can’t help, but prayed, that this past, didn’t just pass by.

Because until and unless we learned the lessons from history, history will keep on repeating itself, and this is not just about the concentration camps of Auschwitz during the World Wars, but there are still very many labor camps around the world, where people are made to work, because they’re considered, a lower breed of people, so, the past still didn’t, quite pass, not completely, not yet!

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