The Nostalgia Blue Bar

From a blog in Chinese, translated by me…

The Night is, Sinking Deeper, Why Does Insomnia Plague Me Tonight

The Light Slowly Came in the East Everybody Left

I’d Returned, Back into that Vacant Bar and Stroked the Familiar Items There

Every Thing, Every Drop, It’s All, Used

a dimly lit bar 的圖片結果not my photo…

Seemingly Strange, Yet, Somewhat, Familiar

Picking Up My Glass, Slowly, Sitting Down

Thinking to Myself Silently, Looking, at This, Unpopulated Hall

The Exact Same Place, But in Different Time

Somewhat Depressed, But, More Thought-Provoking

What Did You Think About? What Did You Do? And What Would You Gain?

Still that Same Sigh, Still the Same Blues

not my silhouette…

Blue, is My Only

Melancholy, My Soliloquy

No Matter What, I’d Recorded Down the Goings-on These Few Days

After All, Everything We’d Passed Through, Will Always Stay with Us

So, this, is the understanding of life, and, after the trials had been done, you feel, that sense of relief, or that sense of lightness of soul………





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