The Daily Goings-on of the Old Farming Village Painted into a Mural, the Elderly Woman Cried as She Went to See it

Brings back ALL those memories, doesn’t it??? From the Newspapers, translated…

“If your wishes came true, in the earlier times, people would offer the teas to the passersby by the side of the road”, the locals exchanged the words, recalling how it was in the olden days. The backstreet of Nankang in Luzou District of Taoyuan, the ancient walls got a makeover, the beautiful mural of the happenings of life in the earlier years reappeared.

Under the leadership of the local offices, and local county personnel, at the start of the month, a local artist, Lin took along the residents, as well as the college students from the Arts Academy, together, they’d completed the “Murals of the Back Streets”. The entire mural was about eighty meters in length, with a total of six paintings, including the fighting ring of Luzhuzuang, offering of teas, women grinding off the outer shells of rice, children playing hopscotch, slow-cooking the fatty porks, the field of loofa, etc., etc., etc. A lot of the locals were reminiscing and viewing the mural, exclaimed, “That, was how it was, in the olden days!”

全長約80公尺的南崁後街彩繪完工,呈現日據時期的區公所「蘆竹庄役場」、奉茶等農村...this is the mural on the walls with the explanations of what was happening back in the days, photo from the papers…

The man in charge of the borough, Chiu said, since he was elected, a lot of the elders in the community would come to the office, to “reminisce over the older times”, it’d made him thought why not make a mural over this, and thus, he’d become, collecting the stories, and, there were elderly in the population who’d suggested “the town hall during the Japanese ruling days”, the women in the local area suggested “grinding the external shells off of the rice grains” and “cooking up huge batches of fatting pork”.

After collecting the ideas from all over, Chiu found an artist who’d moved from Taipei to Nankang, Lin to paint. Lin loved painting, after he retired, without the proper art trainings, he’d started painting in various styles, Chiu had asked him to help with the murals of the walls of the backstreets.

With the older photographs, and the descriptions given to him by the residents, Lin was able to complete a rough sketch in just one week, and, in five days, he’d led the local residents, to help paint the “Earlier Days of Nankang”. A lot of the elderly women, seeing the section of cooking the huge portions of meat, they’d all teared up, like they’d returned to when they were just married, working, busying about the kitchens themselves.

Mrs. Chou, who lives at #14, Backstreet told, that from before, the street was dark and old, after the murals were painted, it’d become, cleaner, that the section of “offering of teas” roused up her memories, she said, back when she was younger, there wasn’t any busses available, walking a long time she’d gotten very thirsty, that “offerings of teas” was like a temporary rest stop for those who’d gone to shop for groceries at the local marketplaces, that she’d hoped, that after the evaluations of the Water Conservancy Bureau, they can beautify the streets, repave the cements, with the patterned tile floors, to get the city seals onto the sewage blocks, to make the images of the old farming community of Backstreet more complete, that he hoped, that after the artistries were put in, it will make the village into a new tourist attraction.

So, this, is the histories of a place, materializing, and, this is important for the local residents, because they want to feel proud about their histories, to remember it, and what better way is there, than to make murals of it? And besides, it’ll beautify the streets and the walls too.


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