Abroad on a Camping Trip with My Friends

Our first time, traveling together, as a group, to a FOREIGN land too, translated…

After retirement, other than taking care of our aging parents, looking after the grandkids, my husband and I worked on the gardens, raised chickens, planted vegetables, taken up multiple hobbies, volunteered………we were so happy, busying ourselves away!

But, from time to time, we’d wished we could, get away on a trip abroad, to broaden our horizons. A while ago, I’d gone to Canada with my husband, and a group of former classmates, the land is very vast, the nature is breathtaking, it’d opened all of our eyes, we’d rented an RV as a group, and, in the fifteen days we had, we’d gone from the southern part to the northern, Jasper, the Yoho National Park, in the over two thousand kilometers of trip we took, we’d lived on the RV, and, the seven of us showed just how we can accomplish great things when we’d worked together.

There was constant fun on the trip. After we’d rented the RV on the first day, we’d found, that the man designated to drive it was a first-time driver, the very first time he’d ever driven away from Taiwan; but gladly, in no more than an hour’s time, he’d gotten used to driving, and, our unsettled heart finally, felt more at ease.

The sweeter girl, An-Hua, for this trip with us, had, abandoned her husband AND her grandchild, being passionate and open, she’d not only looked after us all, she’d also attracted a ton of the locals to have their pictures with her too! As we arrived at the campsite by the lake, An-Hua rode behind a handsome foreign lad, on the water motorcycles, to have fun, as we’re all watching with envy, “Swish!”, the water motorcycle flipped over, and, An-Hua fell in; the good looking Canadian quickly saved the “damsel in distress”, it’d pleased her, and she kept stating, “The water isn’t cold at all!”

On the second evening, finally, I’d fallen fast asleep, with everybody else’s snores, and came, “THIEF!”, I became, wide awake, turned out, my husband had, stressed himself out completely for this trip, he’d had a nightmare; and, the rest of the group had to get up with their minds still not yet awake, and, helped capture this “thief” he was dreaming up. I’d laughed at myself, that my frozen jeans hung outside in the weather of negative six degrees, can be used as a weapon for my husband as he tried catching his thief.

a trip with those you loved, not my photograph

Half way through the trip, An-Hua lost the umbrella she’d used on her many trips abroad, and as we’d passed a shop, she’d thought for a bit, then, entered into the shop alone on her own, used her broken English, and charades, told the clerk, “Um-bre-lla”; the desk clerk understood and went to get her one that she’d needed to open on her own, she’d immediately told him, “No! I want ‘shoo-pomp! (an automatic umbrella)”, after she’d excited the shop, she’d told us of her experience of buying the umbrella, and it’d made all of us laugh hard!

The day before we left Canada, the driver had, as he took us to the sight, left the car keys on the driver’s seat. All of us wrecked our brains, and in the end, we’d, found, that the small window on top of the passenger side was open, and, being the slimmest of the group, I’d gotten, on this bridge the men made with their hands connected, with them, lifting up their bodies, and, I was able to, squeeze my way in to the RV, and, helped resolve the dilemma that we were in together.

A self-operated RV is truly, a comfortable and economical way to travel, being able to experience this brand new encounter, it’d managed, to satisfy all of us, elderly who are still, quite young at heart!

not my photo here still…

So, this is, traveling with friends, having company, to travel, and, this is pretty fun, because traveling in groups, all of you would have made the memories, which you all will be sharing, for a long time to come, and it’s a great way, to connect with old friends, and meet some new acquaintances as well.


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