The Doggie Doctors Used Their Cute Manners to Help People Heal, are on Full Schedules Every Day

This one is trained to respond to seizures!  Photo from online…

Allowing these once-stray animals to have a new purpose in life, also, helping the individuals who’d needed them to get to interact with the animals, benefiting both people AND dogs! From the Front Page Sections, translated…

Don’t look down on the healing powers of “cute”. A woman in the terminal stage of cervical cancer, has only the hospital ceiling to look at, facing this last stage of her life, all alone, by herself, she’d thought, that it would be wonderful, if there was a dog around her to accompany her. The doctor helped her file for the assistance of a doggie doctor, and, hugging on, to the furry dog’s body, it’d, allowed this woman, to find back the warmth she’d lost in life, helped her reminisced the days of her normal life, with the company of her pets.

The eleven-year-old girl with cerebral palsy, Ai’s mom told, that Ai didn’t like physical rehabilitation, but as she saw the doggie doctor, she’d reached for the feeds to give it to the doctor, and she’d started smiling too.

The Taiwanese Doggie Physician Foundation’s Director, Chang said, that the foundation had been established since fifteen years ago, and had helped over a hundred patients, elderly people, and children with autism too, especially for some of the autistic children who couldn’t connect to the world outside, with the intervention from the doggie doctors, it’d helped them accept socializing with the people; the doggie doctors also help the elderly with Alzheimer’s to increase their level of socialization too.

which kid would be so glad, to get a visit from a human doctor?  NONE, but a doggie doctor, that would be, a totally different story, photo from online…

Based off of research, the help of animals is clearly beneficial for the elderly and the younger populations mentally, the elderly who were treated by these animal doctors increased their living abilities by thirty-three percent, and they’d increased their socialization with the outside world by fifty-eight percent; for the children, they received positive feedback for following the animal with their eyes, smiling, and expressing their thoughts verbally.

Chang said, there are a total of sixty-five doggy doctors working now, and, a-third of this were once, stray dogs, after they were trained, they’d, started, working.

And now, all the doggy doctors are on full schedules, and, the doggy doctors’ visits are voluntary, but, people who want this service will need to pay for the transportation, and need to sign a contract for a year’s service with the doggy doctors at least.

So, these, are new life for these stray dogs, they were taken off the streets, and trained, to interact with patients, the elderly and the younger children who are developmentally delayed, and, these animals were able to work their magic, because animals ARE easier to get along, than a lot of people are, and, because these animals don’t talk (in words), the patients would need to find, alternative ways to interact with them, and this gets the patients more able to get socialized.

we’re all service dogs, on-call, photo from online…


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