Soy Milk, a Short Prose

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How it all leads to a divorce, translated…

She’d gone daily, to buy the unsweetened variety. And as she took a sip, she’d found that the soy milk was, sweet. That, was the worker’s mistake. Too busy, and grabbing the wrong cups, that, is understandable, and, this may happen again, she supposed. The prepackaged soymilk, the workers had, labeled. She’d wanted to put the cereals into the soy milk, and only bought the freshly cooked up soy sauce. And, you couldn’t tell if sugar’s added by looking………the text message alert disrupted her train of thoughts, it was from him, “I’m taking you to a restaurant tonight.” He’d hoped she could forget his recent infidelity, which was why, he treated her, especially nice lately. He promised to never cheat again. But, the breakfast shop worker’s careless error had, stayed with her. And, he’d kept his affair hovered for a year………she’d, texted him back, “I want a divorce!”

So, this woman realized, how she couldn’t put up with an innocent mistake that a worker had made, and reflected on how she’d put up with her own husband’s affair for over a year’s time, and decided, that enough IS enough, and she’d needed not to put up with it any longer!

not my photo…


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