Sending the Warmth of the Seasons, Delivering the Knitted Neck Warmers and Helping an Elderly Put it on, Warmed Up the Elderly Woman in Ren-Ai Home’s Heart

Kindness of the seasons, from the Newspapers, translated…

“You can use this one like a hat, or a scarf too”, the wife of the mayor, Chiu-Ying Wu led the Arts Inheritance Group of Keelung to the Ren-Ai Nursing Home to deliver the warmth of the seasons, the members of this group had, wrapped the handmade scarves around the necks of the elderly residents, an elderly woman was moved to tears by the group’s act of kindness.

The wife of my mayor, Chiu-Ying Wu said, that in order to show cares and concerns toward the elderly in the Ren-Ai Nursing Home, the office manager, Chang and the members of the group put their hearts and souls into it, they’d started preparing in the summer seasons, they’d originally planned to knit the scarves, but, they’d considered that the scarves may be too long and might cause dangers to the elderly, so instead, they’d, knitted the neck warmers, that all they needed to do, was to put them on like they would a shirt, and it can be used on top of the head, as a hat too, hoping that the elders won’t be cold in the winter season.

市長夫人吳秋英(左)昨天率基隆市傳承藝文發展協會到仁愛之家送暖,她們把親手編織的...the photo of the wife of the mayor of Keelung, wrapping the knitted neck cover onto an elderly woman’s neck, photo from the papers, courtesy of…

Wu pointed out, that all the neck covers were knitted by the members of the foundation, stitch, by stitch, they’d worried that the yarn may get too pointy, that they may bring discomforts to the elderly, and considered that the neck covers needed to be light and good looking too, so they’d spent a lot of time, selecting the yarn and the colors, and, she’d led her group, to knit before the winter solstice, and gave it to the elderly residents.

And, this is how far a little kindness can go, and it’d all started, with just one thought still, with everybody chipping in, putting in the time, and, as a result, this group was able to, bring some warmth, and put that smile, onto the elderly’s faces.


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