For the Sake of Children with Kawasaki Disease, He’d Set Up a “No-Cries Doctor’s Office”

The thought of one doctor, that’s, made the treatment sessions easier for the children, from the Newspapers, translated…

The Changgang Hospital in Kaohsiung with the Kawasaki Syndrome Center set up a “No-Cries Doctor’s Office”, and, all the children who came in for treatment gets to pick a donated, secondhand toy from the community. The physician, Kuo who’d set up this toy transition center had attracted more and more organizations to get involved, and gave some happiness back to the lives of children with Kawasaki disease.

look how happy this kid is, playing with the toys…not my photo…

Kuo poured his heart and soul into researching the Kawasaki Syndrome, he’d pushed forth the formation of the R.O.C. Kawasaki Care Foundation, helped the parents with children diagnosed with Kawasaki Syndrome the social and emotional supports they’d needed. Several years ago, he saw his wife cleaning out a bunch of his own children’s old toys, was about to discard them all, he’d had a thought, cleaned up the toys, and, regifted them out, to the sick children, and, it’d, put the smiles back into the children’s lives.

“Children with Kawasaki Syndrome would often need to return to the clinic to get their blood work done, some kids were under so much distress that they’d cried endlessly, but, as they’d received the toys, their spirits were, lifted.”, Kuo had always hoped, to set up a “No-Cries Clinic” and, regifted the secondhand toys, it’d become, a magic cure for the children’s fear of hospitals and doctors, and it’d helped these old toys find new homes.

So, this, was a great idea, to give out the toys that your children no longer played, to someone else, and, there are, toy libraries around the world today, set up, for the purpose of allowing children have a wide variety of toys they can play with, and, this amazing idea took away the fears that children have, of doctors too!


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