Let’s Travel Together: It’s Just Not My Day

Rethinking this love that we’d found in each other, translated…

We’d agreed, to travel separately,

But in the end, I’d still found me a companion,

After all, I just, can’t seem to, fend off the thought of loneliness inside of me.

Is there anybody, who’s not afraid of being lonely?

Being alone is wonderful too,

But, when you go out to dine, the waiter shows you to the corner table

And, when you have backaches, you can’t manage to put that medicinal paste on right,

And, when you need a hug, you just

Can’t seem to find a right sized hug-pillow.

As for when there are two of you?

You’d needed to consider if s/he likes the food that’s served?

And, when your back start aching, you’d have to take into considerations, if s/he is busy or not to tend to you

And hug,

Yeah, the heat’s there

But how come, that hole inside just, never gets filled up?

Are we the ones with the problems?

Otherwise, shouldn’t one plus one be greater than two?

文‧圖/張耀仁a cat who can’t live without her/his elephant friend…picture from the papers…

But, one thing’s for certain,

The trips for healing from a lost love

We’d need not to, zoom in on the pains

But instead, learning to relax


Would only Last, if you don’t cling on too tightly

So, this, is the lesson that someone’s broken heart teaches, the person is learning to be alone on her/his own, without the loved ones, and, we must all, work on our selves, and make us whole first, before we can, become a part of a whole with someone else!


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