His Father-in-Law’s Dress Pants

On filial relations, translated…

My good friend who came over to visit, wore a slightly aged, handmade pair of dress pants, the iron-gray colored wool cloth was very soft, clearly, it was, made from a high-end fabric, and so, I’d gotten very curious, and inquired him about it.

He saw my face filled with questions, smiled and said, that it was worn by his father-in-law when he was still alive. “My father-in-law is the same size as me, my mother-in-law picked two newer pair of slacks, asked me if I wanted to keep them, otherwise, she would, burn them all away. I thought, if I kept them, I may wear them, and I can also, keep them as memorabilia, and so, I’d, taken them.”

The two of them, father-in-law and son-in-law were more like father and son, his father-in-law loved fishing, and on the weekends, they’d often, gone to the streams to fish; when he took his children home with his wife, he’d often, ridden his motorcycle, took his father-in-law out fishing, and because of this, his father-in-law gave him a set of fishing rods too.

the three generations together, fishing, not my photo…

He’d never fished before, didn’t have the patience, for the fishes to bite, but, seeing how his father-in-law was, very at ease, and even if he’d not managed, to catch the bigger fishes, and only the smaller ones came to bite, he’d not, gotten, agitated. And my friend became confused, if his father-in-law can’t catch fishes, then, what would be his purpose of fishing by the creek side?

Until one day, as his father-in-law taught him some techniques, and he’d told him, that fishing is a great workout, and it can train him to be more patient, and allowed the thoughts to saturate. My friend’s father-in-law worked as a manager in a public department, and did everything by the book, never gotten involved in any sort of socials at the offices, and he’d become, the trusted subordinate to his bosses. He’d always warned my friend, that he’d needed to, deal with the work conditions as is, and just do what he’s supposed to do.

As he started having conflicts with his own wife and children, his father-in-law always tried to convince his own daughter to back up, hoping, that the two of them can trust and respect one another, that way, they can have a good family.

And now, my good friend’s in-laws both passed away, and, he’d thought about how much he was loved by them, and realized, that they’d, loved him like he was their own, and every time he’d put on his father-in-law’s pants, he’d, missed him more.

time shared with his father-in-law 的圖片結果a good son-in-law, taking his elderly father-in-law on a nature walk, not my photograph…

So, this, is how close the in-laws can be, and, they’d shared a common interest of fishing, and, on those fishing trips, they’d shared their lives, and, the man put a lot of thoughts into staying in this amicable relationship with his own father-in-law, which is very rare in today’s world. This, is how close the family members are to one another.


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