A Woman Took the TOEFL Test Ten Times, and, Built a Second Life for Herself Using Her Pottery Creations

The unrelenting, endless pursuits of her dreams, it’d helped her become, well-known in her specialty, from a housewife, to becoming, an artist, from the Newspapers, translated…

At age sixty, will you be happy, working from seven to nine at night, quietly, in your own little space, and still feel, very blessed with everything that you’re given? The Pottery Museum of Yingge has a stationary potter, Chang, who’s doing it, twenty years ago, she’d accompanied her children to Canada to study, spent five years, took the TOEFL ten times, and, gotten herself accepted to the art schools to take up pottery, she said, “I knew I loved pottery, and, I would, persist in my field of expertise.”

At the age of forty, Chang moved her kids to Canada with her “Ten years’ of working experience as a housewife”, while her husband stayed behind in Taiwan to work, she’d taken care of everything on her own, because she’d taken the lesson in fundamental pottery making here from before, she’d decided to take the exams and enter into the arts university, to make more friends, become more social.

Without the backgrounds in art, as she’d moved to Canada, she’d still brought along all the machines, the materials she’d used to make potteries in Taiwan, in order to get into the arts academy, she’d cooked, waited for her kids when they’re in their ice skating lessons, and gotten honed up on English, her friends made fun of her, “Why would you need to take the TOEFL at the age of forty?”, she’d spent a total of FIVE years, taken the exams TEN times, and finally, gotten into the Emily Carr University of Arts & Designs.

As she was a student there, she’d fallen in love with making “organic shaped” potteries, especially the bodily organs, after graduation, she’d focused on creating at home, and was, invited to put her work on display by multiple international art shows; in 2013, she’d become, intrigued with the old pipelines at the Songshan Cigarettes Factory, and started making her series, “New Industrial Revolution”, combined the pipes with the organs, which made her pieces looked more industrial, and she’d loved using those metallic colored paints, and started mixing the metals with the potteries.

張麗娟喜歡嘗試不同質感的釉料,她手中的蛋和管線看似鐵製,其實全都是陶。 記者魏翊...the woman, incorporating metal into her potteries, photo from the papers…

Twenty years later, she’d returned back to Taiwan, and, signed on as a stationery artist, and started, for the very first time, to work in Taiwan long-term, and, was impacted by how the east differed from the west, which affected the shape of her potteries, as well as the coloring too, she’d mixed the western styles, with the eastern elements, used eggs and the pipelines into her art, and managed to, change the hardness of the industrial style, added more artistry.

She said, as she was stationed at the place, she’d not wanted to make things she was already familiar with, and so, she’d tried out the various temperatures, various colorings, just like how she’d not stopped her own life as a housewife, and managed to find her second new life in making potteries, having lived in Canada for twenty years, “I’d never thought I’d come back here to live.”

So, this woman was successful, because she’d pursued her dreams with all she has, honed up on her skills, learned everything she possibly could, about her field of interests, and she was, innovative, in the designs, and the colors that she used, and it’s her willing to try everything, that’s helped make her so innovative.


4 thoughts on “A Woman Took the TOEFL Test Ten Times, and, Built a Second Life for Herself Using Her Pottery Creations

  1. A fascinating discussion is worth comment. I believe that you need to publish more
    about this topic, it may not be a taboo subject but usually folks don’t discuss these topics.
    To the next! Many thanks!!

    • Yes, we often focused too much on the bad news in the world, and overlook the tales of hardworking manners of people, there’s this need, to focus more on the positives in the world here.

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