So What if We’re Not Perfect

How we’d gotten along, as a husband and a wife, translated…

One day as us girlfriend gathered, Yi asked me, “Your husband isn’t here today, so tell us something juicy about him, we’d never heard you complain about him one bit.” I’d thought for a bit, and, I’d told my girlfriends, that I can’t think of anything bad about him off of the top of my head, my girlfriend said it’s impossible, then, they’d, demonstrated, and started, saying awful things about their husbands or boyfriends.

It isn’t that my husband was perfect or anything, it’s just, that I’d learned, to NOT make troubles for myself, focusing too much, on his flaws.

not my photo…

I’d once easily, fallen into the pits of the emotional negativity too, he’d never had the patience, to read the storybooks to the children, and, would like to hang out with his friends a lot after work rather than coming home, every weekend, he’d gone out with his friends to play sports, leaving me and the kids all alone, at home, and, it’d, angered me so. But, I’d not liked arguing, so, I’d, taken a step back, and, learned to empathize with him. Although he’d not liked reading to the children, but, was willing to put together puzzles or play sports with them, and, it’s, another way of showing his love to them; the gatherings after work, were only occasionally, and, he’d picked the mornings on the weekends to play sports, and, would buy us breakfasts before he’d left for his game.

All of these points that can easily anger me, I’d switched my way of looking at them, and, it’d, become, no big deal.

From before when I’d complained to my husband about his faults, he’d also, picked at my flaws as well, the two of us were, constantly, attacking each other. I’d said he’d loved using his cell phone too much, he’d said that our room was too messy; I’d complained about how he loved junk food too much, and, he’d, grilled me about being a night owl.

Putting each other underneath a microscope, it’d, magnify the smallest matters, which can, easily, cause a war to break out. But, husbands and wives should learn to appreciate, to cherish each other, instead of always stepping on those eggshells when they’d interacted, fearing, stepping into something we’re not supposed to. And now, we’d both learned, to NOT be so hard on one another, have more tolerance; looking at one another with love, so what if, we both, have some, small flaws, huh?

not my photo.

It’s, easy to magnify someone’s faults out of proportion, and that, would be how easily these marriages break, but, if you’re willing, to overlook the smaller issues, and focus on what the two of you shared, then, you’d realized, as this woman had, that there are, small things that you two would do that drives each other crazy, but hey, that, is how marriage goes, unless you don’t want your marriages any more, then, that’s, another totally different discussion!


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