I Just Can’t Tell Your Dad “No”

In relating to his father-in-law, translated…

As my wife was five months pregnant, she’d decided to go stay with her parents until she gave birth, and, we’d lived with my in-laws to this day, until our younger child is already two.

My father-in-law who’d needed to have a strong drink at mealtime, maybe, he was happy to get some company, at first, he’d always invited me to join in drinking. Although I can’t really metabolize alcohol fast enough, I’d always, smiled and taken that wine glass from him. My wife knew, that I’d not enjoyed drinking, told me, that I can’t tell my father-in-law no, but, I’m grateful for how kind my father-in-law treated me, I just, can’t turn down the offer. Until after I’d come home, from a week-long business trip, and my father-in-law stopped asking me to drink with him, a day, the next went by, then, I’d learned, that my wife asked my mother-in-law to explain to my father-in-law, that I wasn’t, good at drinking at all.

After my son was a year and ten months old, my daughter came too. My father-in-law loved his two young grandchildren, and, in hopes that they can get enough food, he’d always, stuffed my children’s cheeks. Because there’s that risk of being choked, every time my wife saw, she would holler for my father-in-law to stop, then, turned to me, nagged on how I didn’t put a stop to my father-in-law’s behaviors. This, had hit me, I too, was worried that my children may choke on their foods, but, I just, can’t say the words, and in the end, I’d ended up, observing in silence, with high tension.

The first time I’d met my father-in-law, he’d asked me if I was ready to marry his daughter? Didn’t have an opinion toward me, let alone, from when we’d started dating, to starting out a family together, all the way, he’d always been gentle and mild, how can I, possibly, take that small fun he had out of life away from him? And so, I can only, have my wife, nagged at me again, and again, and again.

That day, during supper, my father-in-law sneezed, and, being careless, he’d not covered up his mouth, and, had wiped his hand into the air out of habit, took away the snot, then, wiped his hands a few times on his pants. Then, as the two grandkids played on while they ate, my father-in-law blissfully patted my children’s cheeks, my wife walked out from the kitchens, and, stared at me coldly, I’d shrugged toward her. She knew what I’d wanted to say: Honey, don’t ask me to tell your dad to stop it! I’m just, not good at that!

From this, you can see, how intimate (not like that!!!) the father and son-in-law related to one another, but, because the father-in-law had been too kind toward this son-in-law, he’d felt that it wasn’t his place, to stop his own father-in-law from his usual but troublesome behaviors, that just shows, how close the in-laws can become, and the man didn’t want to correct his father-in-law, because he probably feared hurting his feelings, maybe???


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