Midlife Crisis vs. Midlife Opportunity at Work

Turning a challenge, into an opportunity to up one’s own skills, translated…

Midlife, in the workforce, symbolized maturity, steadiness, and familiar with work, with all these good qualities, it should be, the start of something that’s good, but, all of my friends, all bumped into that crisis, in the middle of their roads.

Wendy, because of how her company was downsizing, was transferred to a new unit. One day, she’d poured her heart out at us, the new manager said she wasn’t skilled enough, demanded she learned the new skills that were required for her new position, this gave her enormous pressures. And, we couldn’t help, but console her, that time is advancing, continuing to learn new things, that, is the way to boost one’s own professionalism, creating one’s own values. But Wendy believed, that she’d worked for the company for over twenty years, already accumulated a ton of work experiences, that in a few short years, she will be able to retire with a full pension, why bother learning the new skills.

looks like we’re, stuck!!!  Not my photo

This reminded me of my other friend, Li-Hwa. Three years ago, Li-Hwa was promoted to a manager, as she’d taken office, the next generations of workers gave her a hard time, because they had brand new ways of working, and the thought processes they’d had are totally different from hers too, she’d not known how to lead them, and, had gotten grilled by her boss a lot, because her subordinates couldn’t do their jobs well enough, and the boss would start doubting her leadership abilities. Once, for a certain project, her manager even told her, “If you want to quit, just do it, I won’t keep you here.”

But Li-Hwa didn’t get beaten, instead, she’d started, fighting, used her spare time from work to attend seminars, gone to lectures, to up her own professional knowledge; and worked hard, to communicate with her younger subordinates, and learned to use the popular apps to communicate with them too. And, her department is looking better, and, her manager’s well-done came. A few days ago, Li-Hwa’s manager encouraged her, “A job well done, keep doing what you’re doing!”, this simple sentence, wiped away Li-Hwa’s long-term gloom, and she’d, found her original level of self-confidence back again.

There would be the curve balls that work throws at you, if you can be brave, face up to the challenges, worked hard, to get that new skill, you will surely, be able to, shine through again, and create the new chances in life for yourselves.

Seeing the solutions in the problems now, are we here???  Not my photo…

So, this, is how someone who’s from the older generations honed up on her skills in interacting with the younger generations, because her subordinates are from this newer generation of workers, and only in training herself to get up to speed, to what the younger generations are talking about, can she connect with her subordinates on the level that they understand, thus, they’d all become, more productive at work too.


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