The Roads Seemed Longer…

The roads seemed longer, I don’t know why, I’d, walked this same road time and time before, and never felt that it was, grueling, until now…

The roads seemed longer, compounding it with my fatigued body and legs, each step became, so heavy I can, barely, lift my legs now!  The roads seemed longer, and, the more I’d traveled on this road, the longer it’d, extended, toward the, never ending skies. 

The roads seemed longer, for some reasons, I’d shared this walk with you, and, it wasn’t, as long as it is right now, but, there’s, something different about me now, I no longer, have you, by my side!  The roads seemed longer, and, the more I’d, hastened up, the longer the roads became……………

not my photograph.

The roads seemed longer, this is just, way too hard on my legs and feet, they’re, screaming OUT at me in pain, and, each step I’m taking now, became, harder, than the last, and, I’d, walked on, like this, for, ‘bout five hundred miles on end, but, I’m still, not there yet…………………

The roads seemed longer, I’d gazed down, as far as I can, saw no end, I’d, retracted my gazes, toward the other path that’s, lain before me, looked down, far as I possibly, and saw, this nothingness, this darkness, waiting, at the end for me, and so, I don’t feel like, traveling anymore!

not my painting.

The roads seemed longer now, without you, traveling alongside me, I wish, everything was, different somehow, but, it isn’t, so, here, I am………


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