Tallying Up the Hurt…

We’d, said a LOT of harsh things to one another, and, stopped, saying anything to one another, for days on end (yup, it’s, a god DAMN silent treatment!!!), and, because we refused, to communicate, out of anger, or pride even, we’d, let the hurt, go on, and on…

Now, it’s, way too late, for us, to tally up the hurt. The unspoken pains went on, for years and years on end, making that bag that’s, between us, to grow, into, abysmal depth. Tallying up the hurt, and, no way I’m gonna admit to fault first, because I’m NOT the one who’d started this! Tallying up the hurt, because, we are both, too proud to admit to how we were, both, at fault in this.

blaming someone, it’s always, easier, than owning UP to what you’d done…not my photo…

And now, the hurt accumulated, and because, we’d not, tallied it all up, to split up the blames evenly, everything piled up, sky high, until one day, it’d all come, tumbling down, and, this marriage we’d, worked so hard to save, finally, got murdered, brutally!

Tallying up the hurt, so, who hurt whom? And, who dies at the end? Oh, I know, it really, doesn’t MATTER WHO DID what to W-H-O-M, as the number of deaths, is still, on that R-I-S-E, and, there are, more than just the two of us, who’d died, because, this storm circle got larger, and larger, impacted ALL the lives which are, related to our own………

“he did it!  Not me!!!”  Not my cartoon…


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