Changing Seats

So, let’s trace back to how this marriage had, failed to work out, did one of you, or both of you change??? Translated…

This, is NOT your H-O-U-S-E!!!  Not my photograph…

There was that one person on the Greyhound that kept changing seats. She’d thought, people are like that, if there’s a seat opened up, and, those who’d just gotten on would fight over it. But, as there are various seats available, people become picky, it’s like, no seat is ever good enough, some would even, walk into the next trains, to find a seat. She wouldn’t do it like that, unless, someone she’d disliked was sitting next to her. The train rolled into the station, she’d gotten off the trains, walked to her destination. Inside the courthouse, her husband begged her to not divorce him. She’d told the judge, “Who wouldn’t want a good home that’s already set up? It’s just, that he is, WAY too annoying!”

So, the woman holds the same views about her marriage as switching seats, and, she is right, on the level, that if the seats are available, everybody becomes choosy, and when there weren’t enough seats to go around, then, people fight over the limited number of seats, and, that, would be, a reflection of how things were in her own marriage!

not my photograph…


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