Permanence, a Poem

Although nothing is moving, you can still see the changes in the environment, translated…

Under the Skies

A Tree Moved

Moved Along, with the Greenness

not my photo…

The Wind Passes on by

Dissipated the Thoughts of the Tree

Brought Along the Musical Notes

The Tree Didn’t Move

But the Greenness it’d Carried

Is Constantly Flowing Along

The Lines were Fuller

Making All the Greenness

Seemed Like It’s Running

In the Law of Green

The Light is

What Makes Everything Possible

He’d Walked Toward the Trees

Becoming it

not my photograph…

The Trees Stood Silently Still

Nobody Heard the Greenness

But, the Tree Knew

Where the Voices that Sung are

The Trees Became the Destiny of the Color Green

While the Color Green Became

The Poeticism of the Trees

So, there’s, this, metamorphosis going on here, the tree becoming the color green, and the color green, shifted into becoming the trees, and, although everything is nonanimated, you can still see these living things that are standing still change in nature.


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