The Zen Master

Encounters from a mini-trip you’d taken from your ordinary life, translated…

This is the place that the train must pass by as it headed up north, but, the crowd, in recent years had, dissipated, it’d become, this industrial are, and the housing complexes now, it’s a place that travelers would overlook very easily.

I didn’t have anything else to do the other day, I’d struck up a thought: hey, why don’t I go and visit there for awhile? It’s not that far off, giving me a sense of, being away, and I can, get back home easily, I’d wanted to, treat my small trip as something away from my ordinary routines. As I got off the trains, I’d walked along that young road, and, without being aware, I’d, walked through, time, and entered, into the streets of former glories, and the wheels of time had, slammed on the brakes here, the row of red-brick housing complex closed their eyes, not said a word, it’s, as if, they’re all, resting now.

photo from the newspapers…

I’d walked around, and whiffed the highly moist air. Followed my tourist instincts, a wide river appeared before my eyes, with a gray-white huge cat on the bars, where it’d sat, relaxed, and full of Zen, hearing the footsteps passing by, it’d, opened up its eyes lazily, and, it’s, as though, time and space had, vanished in him, inside those, mysterious pupils of his.

It’s, as if, he’d, understood something, but not willing to share his findings, just got up, did a yoga stretch move, wanting me to guess at what he’d meant.

So, this, is a small detour you’d taken from your ordinary life, and, because you took this detour from your ordinary routines, everything you’d encountered became, eye-catching, and, you’d bumped into, this cat, full of Zen too.


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