Can’t Say the Words, “I Love You”

How this husband and wife interacted with each other in the marriage, translated…

My wife and I are twelve years apart, when we were younger, there’s this, barely noticeable difference, and it wasn’t until we slowly marched into midlife, this the difference between apparent. My wife still had her black head of hair, with that little girl smiling face as she always had, and asked me often, “Do you love me?”; every time I’d heard her inquiring me, I’d always replied a simply “oh”, then, she’d, grilled me, “Stinky old man”.

And, this situation would happen, once every two to three days, it’d normally happened after she finished watching her Korean soap opera, like she’d wanted to, clarify the difference between that Korean star with her husband, and would, bug me about how much I loved her. One time, I was, really getting annoyed, I’d told her that if I didn’t love her, then, why would I have, married her, apparently, she’s, displeased at this reply, and, walked away angrily, to prepare the meals.

Afterwards, I’d thought about it, there’s nothing to it, my wife’s inquiries, and, if one day, she’d stopped asking me this, I’d feel, kinda weird. And still, why, couldn’t I, just reply back to her, “Surely, I do love you” straight up? It’s just two words, and yet, it’d become, weighty to me, the words got, stuck, in my throat.

Back then, I’d, felt this deep attraction toward her, and chosen, to march down the aisles, becoming, her partner in life. I can still hear the guests’ well wishes for us, and, that feeling of how we were when we first wed was still, quite fresh. But, as I got older, I’d become, easily, embarrassed, and, become, not as brave, as the younger generations, who’d, professed their love aloud. And maybe, it’s because, all these years of us, being together, had, made me realized, that love can only be had, after, so many requirements were, met! Rather than keeping love on my lips, I’d much, rather, work hard, to keep my family up and running, using my actions to show love.

But, I can’t help, but wondered, if one day, I’d actually, replied back to her when she’d asked me, what sort of a facial expressions would she have? But, every time I saw how she’d scolded me for not saying that I loved her so, I’d felt, more than satisfied, felt, that this, is, a good enough way that we’d, related to, one another.

So, this, is something the two of you had, shared, because you’re, older, and, maybe, you weren’t, socialized, to show, or speak the love you feel for someone aloud, but, your wife, being younger, she was, socialized, to express the love she felt for you, and so, she’d wanted you to, reciprocate with an “I love you too, honey!”


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