Even So, I Still, Liked You

Letting the love for someone go unnoticed, because of a pact you made with your teammates, translated…

To this day, when I see you, I’d still, blush, and stuttered on without knowing on.

The very first time we met, it was, on the awards ceremony in middle school, the team from our school received awards for outstanding performances, I’d stood on the podium, waiting to be called up, and saw how radiant your smiling face was I was, more nervous compared to being on the courts, in a competition, I’d become, this stuttering, big boy.

Afterwards, whenever we’d practiced, I’d always, looked for you, and, every time you’d appeared, I’d made three-point throws, dunks, long passes, it seemed, that I’d played even better, with you there. Sometimes, I’d bet with my teammates, who you’ll give the towel to, then, waited until you’d left, and then, we’d, picked on him.

teenage love, how sweet…not my photograph

After I’d left middle school, I’d never told you how I’d appreciated you, because that, was an agreement I’d reached, with my fellow teammates. And, as we’d returned back to school for a reunion, we’d gone separate ways, and, I can only strike up conversations with you casually, I hope that you continue to have a smooth ride in life.

So, this, is what that first taste of love was like, but because, members of your basketball team liked this young lady too, so, you’d made a gentlemen’s agreement, and that, was how this first taste of love had, slipped, quietly away for you.


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