The Impressions of Childhood

Memories of the childhood years, aren’t they, wonderful??? Translated…

During that era, everything WAS lacking, going to a movie was, an extravagance that was, hard to come by.

We lived close to the troops’ quarters when I was growing up, and, the troops would always put on the movies at the opened theatre, and every now and then, they’d allowed the locals to enter to watch for free, but, most of the times, we’d needed to buy tickets. Sometimes, don’t know where the adults managed to get the tickets, they were all, very precious to us, we were all, very excited! As night rolled in, we’d, hid under our parents’ arms, and snuck into the theatres. After the movies, on the way home, the stars in the skies lit up, the frogs croaked, the breezes felt gentle and cool, with the group of us, still discussing what we just saw, getting so entranced in the moments. That was, the only sort of spiritual sustenance during that era of living impoverished.

Sometimes, the army would preview on the good shows that we’d wanted to go to, but, we’d become, troubled, because we couldn’t get the money for the tickets, we’d felt so upset the whole day. Later on, my older cousin had an idea, he’d found a small block of wood, and, carved out the characters on the tickets, inked it, stamped it onto paper, then, voila, a ticket was made, and, however many we’d wanted or needed, was how many we’d, printed ourselves.

not my photo…

My older cousins and I, the few of us kids, just, went to see those movies, without paying the door price, with our fake tickets, and, we were, never caught. Actually, the tickets made by my older cousin looked very rough, and, I’m guessing, that the serviceman who’d checked us for the tickets must’ve let us slide.

Not long thereafter, my cousin’s secretly printing out the movie passes was found by the school teacher, he was, severely reprimanded for it. Afterwards, he’d never DARED, printed out the tickets, and luckily, the free shows opened to the general public was happening more and more often, and, we’d finally gotten the opportunities, to go and watch it. Some of the famous films, “Little Flower”, “Princess Peacock”, and “The Love of Lushan”, I’d managed to watch in the army sponsored theatres.

There was a small doctor’s office set up by the troops back then, and, whenever the locals fell ill, that, is where they’d gone, to get treated, once my relative had a fracture, she was hospitalized, we’d gone to pay her a visit, she’d gone to the cafeteria to get the food for us. We were all very surprised to find, that the foods provided to the armies are so delicious, with white rice, along with stewed meats, that was, such tasty meals, for us, who can only have porridge and yam every single day! There was also, a kind enough doctor in the clinics, who’d given us some of the meal tickets, that was such, a wonderful time in my childhood years.

these are the wonderful moments we will NEVER forget…not my photograph.

Thinking back, that amphitheater where the movies were shown, how we’d hidden ourselves inside the adults’ coats, snuck in, my older cousin’s secretly printing out the ticket stubs, how we got in without getting caught, along with the white rice, the stewed meats at the cafeteria, all of these impressions of my childhood, they’re still, clear as day, and, I’d, savored them every now and then still.

So, this, is your memories of getting the goodies from the army, and, you’d made so many amazing memories from your days of living next to the army base, and, gotten to enjoy the delicacies of the foods, the goodies of the free movies too. Such wonderful childhood memories you’d had there.


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