Giving it to Myself

Realizing, that you no longer, need to, give EVERYTHING to your loved ones, and that it’s okay, to keep it for yourself, translated…

As I was crossing the streets, I was stopped by a woman, “Lady, please we need to interview people over fifty, looking at an ad, and answer questions, you don’t need to leave any contact information, we need to complete one survey, to get paid, please, do help me out, there will be a gift certificate you will receive at the end, please.” I have nothing else to do, it wouldn’t take me any time, so, yeah, consider this, my good deed for the day.

And, just like the woman said, I’d not needed to leave any contact information, and, received a hundred-dollar gift certificate after the completion. The first thought was, I’ll, save this for my child to use, but then, it’d, dawned on me, a hundred dollar to me is too precious, plus, my child is already working, would he even want this hundred-dollar gift certificate?

receiving now, not my photograph…

I’d recalled, these past thirty years, no matter any sort of a bonus handed by my company, the year-end bonus, cash vouchers, gift certificates at sports stores, souvenirs, fruits, foods, to pens for writing, calendar, red envelopes………I couldn’t wait, to give it to my child, I’d never thought, to save it for myself.

And now, I’d had a different understanding, believed, that it’s time, that I’d, saved things for myself now, my children are already grown, they’d not needed my careful attention on them anymore, I should, switch my focus, to something else, to find another place, that I can, give to.

Although, a hundred dollars really wouldn’t get you much, a few Rocher chocolates, can be a good reward for myself. A cash voucher, it’d started me thinking in various ways, no longer did I, limit myself in my Homefront, I’d learned to focus on my own needs, and, now I still have the energies, getting involved in volunteer groups seemed like a great idea too.

So, this mom realized, that she should, STOP giving EVERYTHING she has, to her young, as her children are all grown up, and no longer needed her to give them anything, because they’re working, and making their own separate livings, and, this mom, after realizing this, decided, that it’s time, to pamper herself more, to put herself as the FIRST priority in her own L-I-F-E!


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