Personality Test, a Poem

A personality test, in the form of a poem here, translated…

An Angel Flew into Your Dreams, and Whispered Something into Your Ears, What Do You Think S/he Said?

  • I’m seeking shelter from the rains in your dreams
  • There’s NO new Pokémon here!
  • A slow clock, a dictionary with words that don’t make sense, a tree that grows downward, a hot rain, a message in a bottle, afloat between the universes, a burning sea, a few desolate people………, they’d all existed, at the same time, in your dreams
  • Flipping through the nights, after a page, turning over a night, after a place. Tonight, the night skies flipped through one more page, to page thirty-two, the colors of ink dark, the constellations all over the places, and now, we shall, proofread this big book.


Choice 1: Do take good care of that child living inside, so s/he can grow up with you.

Choice 2: It’s fitting, for you to ride the dark clouds, to throw the lightnings.

Choice 3: Do unscrew the screws of your spirits some, allowing your souls to grow bigger.

Choice 4: You actually don’t really love him, you’re, just in love with, his hat.

So, this, is someone’s reflection on the conditions in life that s/he had encountered, that’s caused her/him to feel distressed, and, all the answers are just ways that the person comes up with, for explaining the choices s/he is about to make in life, it’s all, rationalization if you ask me…






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