On & Off the Busses

How love ended, after three years of high school, of dating together, marching, toward our separate futures now, translated…

The heated up sunlight of the summer, passed through the windows of the bus, came in, I was, sleepy-eyed, I’d, turned my face toward the sun, two months since I’d started in high school, I’d always, caught up on my sleep on the bus ride to school.

goodbye is never easy, but it must be, done!!!  Not my photograph…

On an ordinary day, I’d not felt, the warmth of the sun, shone down on me like I usually would, I’d, opened up my eyes slowly, an arm with a jacket was, pressed against the windows. Turned around, a pair of deep eyes that replaced the sunlight, came into my field of vision, entered, into my life.

When it’d rained, we’d watched the drops of rain, fall off the windows; when it’s sunny, we’d lifted up our heads, toward that never-ending blue clear skies. We’d fought from time to time, he’d always admitted to wrongdoing, and begged my forgiveness; when I’d gotten upset, his shoulders were always there, for me, to lean onto. Three years now, his scent, with the ancient leather seats of the busses, became, that clearest imprint of my youth.

Before I graduated, I just recalled that face that I’d loved deeply once, telling me, that this, was our terminal station, that we should, march toward our separate lives now. In the end, that shadow had, gotten off the busses, with the light and shadows swaying outside the bus, blurred out.

maybe, we’ll, meet again???  Not my photograph…

So, this, would be the bitter-sweet taste of your very first love, and, on the eve of graduating high school, he’d, broken up with you, because, he felt, that it’s time, to grow up, to leave all these youthful fantasies of love behind, as a great big future awaits the both of you, and, it’d, still hurt…



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