My Mother Doesn’t Like My Boyfriend

In need of expert advice here, a Q&A, translated…

Q: My Boyfriend Was Picked On a Lot, it Made Me Feel So Awful for Him…

Ms. E who’s in her second year in the university, told of how strict her mother had been on her since she was very young, even now, as she’d become a woman she’d still, feared her mother, followed her mother’s orders on EVERYTHING. But lately, E started bravely, telling her mother, that she may have a difference of opinion from her too, the biggest reason for this was, E started dating a man, and, her mother just, really, didn’t like him one bit, but E was, love struck, and it was like she wouldn’t marry anybody ELSE BUT him now.

E’s boyfriend is enlisting after graduation, E’s mother felt, that he wasn’t hardworking enough, that E will have the hard times coming if she were to marry him, the man wanted to work on a ship later, and he’d given that up for E’s sake, and E was willing, to accompany him, as he figure out what he wanted to do in the future, and he actually had now too, but, E’s mother just, didn’t like him one bit, and would find trouble with him a lot. It’d upset E, because the man she was in love with, wasn’t, approved by her own mother.

the parents don’t look too happy about it here, not my photograph…

She’d originally thought, that there’s still time, to convince her mother, that her boyfriend WAS good enough, but, as E went home to visit last time, E’s mother flat out asked her when she’s breaking up with her boyfriend, it’d, stunned E. E felt, that she couldn’t even, TALK to her own mother on this subject anymore.

A My Advice:

I’m more than certain, that E is very clear, on WHY her mother was so against her boyfriend. If you love each other, and the boyfriend is willing to show his honesty and was genuine to work hard, to make E’s mother accept him, E should spend time, talking with her mother.

It sounds like, that E’s mother either thought that he wasn’t rich enough, or, that what his work entails, has no future at all. E is not living at home now, and, there isn’t, any, really difficulties, for her, to keep dating her boyfriend, but, marriage is too soon to discuss for now, and, you should, observe your boyfriend more. After all, the world is, fast changing, and, a lot of things will develop the way they’re supposed to, with time.

how, can I KNOCK some SENSE into you???  Not my photograph.

So, this woman needs to find out WHY exactly, her mother WAS against her dating her boyfriend, if he had ALL those qualities that she thinks he has, or maybe, the mother was just, projecting her own life, onto the daughters, and NOT wanted her to make the same mistakes she had in life, and, the woman needs to figure it all out, before she’s to marry the man, or, to break up with him.


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