A Sea of Anger

A sea of our anger got started, and, before any of us was aware, there was, a HUGE hurricane, comin’ towards us! We’d become, trapped, in a sea of our anger, both unwilling to back down, because we both know we were, right (and yet, how can both of us be right at the same time? One of us MUST be wrong!!!).

A sea of anger, that, was what we’d left the house with, everything was, unsolved, from, a long, long, LONG time ago, there’s, NO changing that now! A sea of anger, left behind, by both of us, we took, our separate seas of anger into this so-called love of ours, and, we’d, mixed and mingled, to make, a collective, sea of anger for us both…

the anger’s just, starting, it’ll surely, get a HELL of a LOT worse than T-H-I-S that’s for sure!!!  Not my painting…

And now, over time, this sea had, expanded, more and more, and the waves, raged more and more frequently compared to before, and, I just, can’t handle it, I have to run out, before, I drown in all of this!!!

A sea of anger, I’d, left behind, I’d, abandoned you, in this ship that’s sinking called “marriage’, because, I don’t want to D-I-E!!! Plus, I am NOT going to give my life, for someone who’s like Y-O-U. A sea of anger, we’re both, taken under by now, there is, NO way, that we will, EVER survive through this huge raging sea of anger, unless, we’re, willing to, work through our differences, and, do what’s best for this love of ours, but, are we, willing, to put everything behind, and, start anew again??? I’m not sure I could!!!


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