The Air, My Friend

A dialogue between a child and his imaginary friend, a lion, the column by Jimi Liao, translated…

“Aren’t you the least bit panicky, seeing how those days just, slip on by?”

“If the days are never-ending, if there are, a million things I can’t finish by the end of my days, I’d be totally, stressed out.”

So, this, is the worries of an adult, because, we feel like, time is running out for us, because, we’re all, busying about, with a million things on our to-do list to handle, but, for a child, the days just, dragged on, and on, and it seems, never ending, because, when we were all little, we’d wish, that we can, grow up sooner, and, when we’re older, we’d wished, that time doesn’t, pass by so quickly…

here’s the artwork that came with the writings, from…



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