His Love, at the Turn of the Corner

The way he loved his wife, translated…

Perhaps, it’s, a sort of panic, I suppose, I’d always feared, the speed, especially after I’d retired, there seemed to be no more need for me to drive, one day, I’d, sat on the driver’s side, and, I could no longer, pressed down on the gas, and like so, I’d, stopped driving, out of fear. It’s hard, to describe this sort of a feeling, but, I’d not minded this sort of a situation, not being able to drive doesn’t cause me any inconvenience in life at all, if I needed to get around, I’d simply, taken the bus, there’s a bus stop at the entrance of my street, it’s very, convenient.

My daughter said to me, “Mommy, would you like to learn to ride a motorcycle?”, as I’d heard this, I’d felt, numb. I’m already my age, is it really, necessary, for me, to learn to ride a motorcycle? I saw a lot of ladies, who’d, dragged their legs across the pavements while riding their motorcycle, this doesn’t look that good at all, and I am now, in their age group, and feared, that I might, turn into one of those ladies.

“Your mommy doesn’t need to learn, wherever she wants to go, I’ll take her there, I’m her personal chauffeur!”, my husband answered my daughter’s inquiries.

And so, for now, I’m still, pampered, and I’d felt, embarrassed from time to time. “Is it on your way? Is it very far? Would it cause you any inconvenience?” I’d often asked my husband, I felt blessed, but a bit guilty at the same time.

“No worries, it’s at the turn of the corner!”, no matter where it is I wanted to go, my husband always replied this same answer back to me.

When it rained, as the typhoons hit, as the sun hangs high up in the skies, as the cold fronts came, when it wasn’t too hot, or too cold………time, after time, he’d, safely, rode me to anyplace I wanted to go.

But, most of the time, he’d just, waited in the car, for me, to get whatever it was I needed done completed, and I’d never seen him get impatient with me, and, he’d never, complained once. I’d often taken the advantage of him, waiting for the lights, to take his hands in mine, this man, without the sweetened tongue, managed to, give me ALL of his love, with those hands, that held onto the steering wheels tightly.

His love, is never far away, just, at the turn, of the corner.

So, this, is how a man showed his love for his own wife, by taking her places she needed to be, or wanted to go, and, this, is a great way that this couple is, relating to each other, especially after the kids are all grown, and, it’s, just the two of them that live together in the same house, it’s, especially important, to share moments like these…

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