Makeup for Mom

How this elderly woman’s beliefs were changed, after she’d tried it out, translated…

“What, you’d given me makeup as gifts?”, awhile ago, when I’d taken out that set of specially picked out makeup to give it to mom, she’d hollered out in surprise, “I’m already an elderly in my eighties, I’m not a young girl, why would I need makeup?”, I’d smiled, and told her, “There were, many elderly ladies in their seventies and eighties, and, they’d all worn makeup, they’re so agile, and willing and able, to put their makeups on, you should try it too!”

After my constantly enticing her, she’d carried that, okay, I’ll try it then mindset, picked up the eyebrow pencils, started drawing on her brows, making them darker; wow, her two brows, all of a sudden, became, black and darker now, and that smile that’s, slowly, crept up onto her lips became deeper. Then, she’d picked up the face powder, patted the powder pouch, and, patted her face; hey, her face turned snow white all of a sudden. She then picked up the lipstick, gently, applied it onto her lips, then, pressed her lips tightly together; whoa, the lips are now, reddened, she looked, more energetic than ever now.

「啥咪?你送我的是化妝品?」前些日子,當我從日本旅遊歸來,把那套特別挑選的化妝品...picture from the papers…

My mother became so excited, as she looked her own reflection up and down in the mirror, smiled and stated, “It’d been a very long time since I’d worn this much makeup, looks like, I’m much younger now!”, I’d added, “Surely, you do, look like a seventeen, eighteen year old girl!”, as she’d heard, she’d immediately, fisted me, and asked shyly, “Really? Do I?”

Not long after, as my dad who went out before came in, he caught a gaze of my mom’s newly freshened up beautiful face, he was stunned first, then, stated in a tone of voice that’s commending and making fun, “When did Ms. Universe come visit? I must’ve, walked into the wrong house!”, it’d made both mom and I laugh.

Reason why I’d bought makeup for mom, was because I’d gotten the inspirations from the Japanese elderly ladies, and that “women dolled up for themselves”, and, I’d also heard, that as the elderly used the eyebrow pencils to make their eyebrows darker, it can increase the elderly’s grasps, and putting on the lipsticks or the mascaras can activate the mind too, it has been shown, to prevent dementia to some extent.

“Der, I’d almost run out of makeup, can you buy me some………”, on this day, mom woke me up early in the morn, I’d recalled, how these past couple of days, my mother put on the makeups daily, how happy she’d looked, before she’d finished speaking, I’d told her, “Surely, no problem!”, and, as I’d arrived back home with her makeup, she’d told me, that she will, “get dolled up”, for my father’s birthday.

not my photos…

Naturally, applying makeup had, made my mother come to life, and, my money spent on buying her the makeup was, more than well-spent!

So, this, is the process of an elderly woman, finding the values in putting the make up on her face, from before, she’d thought it wasn’t necessary, because she’s elderly and nobody’s going to care what she looked like, but, after she’d started putting on the makeup, she’d found, that it’s something she looked forward to every day, and that it’d, lifted up her own mood, and so, she’d, started, enjoying, getting “dolled up”.


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