My Struggles with Weight

The experiences of being chubby, translated…

From my younger days, everybody called me “chubby”; back in middle school, because I’d started snoring as I was sitting in class, my classmate nicknamed me, “Garfield the Cat”, later on, they’d called me, “Fat Cat”, and sometimes, “you stupid fat cat”, at the worst. The very first class in the foreign language department of my college days, for the first English conversational course, the professor asked us our English names, I’d stated, “My name is Albert”. My professor smiled and said that this name didn’t suit me, that he’d heard my nickname was “fat cat” from before, why don’t he call me “Fat cat”, it meant a rich man too. I was, doubtful, the professor turned and asked my classmate, don’t you think this name suited him even more? My blind classmates all agreed, and, NOBODY can separate, that a name and a nickname are, two separate things.

Because of how chubby I was, in middle school, the games that those boys played, I never got involved, I suppose, that I should feel glad, for dodging it, but, I can’t help, but feel left out. And naturally, in the relay races of physical education class, just as I’d expected, I was, the LAST choice that the teams had. Once, I’d asked the team captain, to NOT make a choice of picking me, because he had NO other options, the captain of the team gazed over at the P.E. teacher with that look of excitement, and I’d told my instructor to give up on me, and, my instructor said to me with that look of I will TRAIN you, “You don’t move, you will, gain so much weight you will D-I-E!”, and ever since, I’d, dreaded the P.E. courses.

don’t start FREAKING out, beacuse the number is too high here!  Not my photograph…

As I got older, Chubby still faced to the unfair treatments because of my body shape. On the bus, the elderly woman who sat in front of me turned around, looked at me and the woman sitting next to me, then harshly stated toward me, “Stinks! Don’t you KNOW that NO food on the bus? Get OFF the bus then EAT!”, the woman squeezed her purse opening even tighter then, to prevent the strong scent from expanding. As I got off, I’d turned to the elderly woman, told her, “Grandma, don’t accuse someone for doing something that s/he never did.”, and she’d not said a word, just looked at me from head to toe, with the meaning of: would we, blame the fatso by mistake?

After my fortune-teller, Bai heard my 101 Times to lose weight, he’d said, “You won’t lose any weight, plus, the fatter you are, the more popular you will be”. I’d doubted the basis of his claims, but, Bai continued, “Look then, had you lost ANY weight these couple of years? Then, aren’t more and more people able to, see you now?”, I believe, that his logic was, WAY off, but I couldn’t explain it, and so, “The fatter I get, the more popular I’ll be” became the way I’d, deceived myself after those hard-to-quit midnight snacking sessions.

My good friend, Yi Kuo was the only one who’d truly showed concerns for my weight, and the only person who’d proud of it. As everybody else believed, that fat IS ugly, she’d stood out from all the rest, believed, that that extra flab of fat from the back of my head looked, especially comical. Two years ago, as I’d gotten over a HUNDRED kilograms, Yi Kuo had even made a memorial plate that had, “Congrats, Shang-Der, for getting over a hundred kilograms!”

Obesity had accompanied me for forty-two years now, and, there’s, NO doubt that it will, stay with me for a little while longer. I guess, there’s, NO one-sided accompaniment or selfless giving in the world, fattiness accompanies me, and so, I’d needed to, feed to it. When people start warning me of ALL the health problems that comes hand-in-hand with obesity, I will tell them thank you, then, think to myself: the illness that might come with obesity is my deal with the DEVIL, maybe, we will break up and go our separate ways, or maybe, we’ll work together well, then everything after that, I shall, take it all in stride.

standing on that scale, now, imagine, how THAT must feel???  Not my photograph…

So, this, is a man’s journey, in coming to terms with his inability to lose weight, and, there’s NOTHING wrong with being more full-figured, so long as you’re healthy, and stays active in life, so, what’s a little FAT around the areas of your bellies, arms, thighs, hips, and other places, huh? Like this man, despite WHAT the outside world says about him, he’s still, quite comfortable in his own skin, and that, is what’s most important in life!


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