The Acrophobia from Flying a Kite

Experiences in life, translated…

I’d often heard how people envied those birds that soared above the skies, so free and without restraints, but, whenever I’d imagined myself as a bird, I can only, raise both arms in defeat. For no other cause, but, my own acrophobia.

Acrophobia had made my life more interesting, especially whenever I entered places like an amusement park, it’d made me into the MOST important person in the group of travelers I was with—the person who looked after everybody’s things. And, when it came to hiking, riding in those cable cars, flights, walking the walkways between two high mountains, even, sleeping in the top bunk of a dorm, I’d become, even MORE important—as the BUTT of everybody’s JOKES, added more humor to the functions. I’m truly, grateful toward how acrophobia had, given me this, interesting, yet very happy life here!

something that’s fun, but NOT for this individual here!!!  Not my silhouette.

Once I was flying a kite, I stood on the hills, with my hands, on that thin string, playing tug-of-war with the skies, as o watched the kite flying all over the places, guided by the wind, looked like it will, crash down at anytime, don’t know why, I’d, taken up the “persona” of the kite myself, my face turned completely white, my legs felt limp, and, I’d been found, to have “acrophobia in flying a kite” now.

After that, it’d, made me realized, that acrophobia is to be, my compadre for life, and I’d needed to, work hard, to understand, to get to know it, to coexist in peace with it, that way, I won’t continue to be, the BUTT of everybody’s jokes.

So, you only knew, that you feared heights, but, you can’t cope with it, and the only way you can fully rid yourself of your acrophobia, is to trace back to the very FIRST time you’d ever felt so afraid, of being high up in the air, but, it seemed, that this person, had chosen a more passive way to cope with it, to work hard, to coexist with the conditions of fear of heights instead.

photo from online…


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