Glad to See How Successful She Became

Despite what a trouble maker she was in school before, she’s now, succeeding, in what she does, because she’d found something she enjoys doing for a living, translated…

Many years ago, there was a student in class, she was beautiful, active and outgoing, would often blink her large bright eyes, as she’d, attempted to, influence the classmates to believe what she believes, for instance, lying about her age, so she could part-time at the drink shop, and how the customers asked her out secretively by passing the notes to her, or, shared with her classmates, her experience of her own romance with her boyfriends, and, it’d, moved the hearts of those adolescent girls so.

She doesn’t study, OR do her assignments, and, it seemed that as she’d come to class, she’s, sleeping the previous night off, and none of the instructors were pleased about it; and sometimes, when a girl from the next class got on her bad side, she’d hollered out to her group of girlfriends, to teach the girl a lesson, and, it’d, caused me a ton of stress, being her homeroom teacher and all.

a small boutique, photo from online…

And still, I’d, observed her closely, and found, that she has, a strong sense of justice, very optimistic and straightforward, not really hard to get along with at all. And so, I’d asked her, to keep the class in check during the nap hour, and, I’d, called to her, to talk with me personally, and, warned her of, how she’d needed to, keep herself guarded if she has a boyfriend, and, praised her in front of the whole class, on her beautiful handwriting, set her up to act as the captain of the cheerleader squad, so she can feel more confident about herself, to help her, slowly, get on the right tracks. But, this only helped her in the areas of having her stop ranting out at someone, keeping her away from the conflicts she used to get into with her instructors, and, her enjoying work, not liking school still didn’t change much, but at least, she’d found the warmth, that her homeroom instructor is, on her side. From a single parent family raised by her grandparents, that, was what she’d, needed.

Many years later, we were, reconnected on Facebook, I’d learned that she’d set up a clothing stand at a night market, and she’s doing well in business. One day, I’d, paid her a visit, she’d smiled, and helped her customers choose the right clothes, and, explained how to wash the items, and the sort of materials that clothes were made from, and helped her customers, fitted into the clothes, she’s, extremely, patient. And it was, truly difficult, for me, to know her as that dozing off, screaming at boys, cussing them out, from back in the days.

“You’re so happy, selling the items?”, I’d smiled and asked.

She’d smiled and told me, “I went to sell the oyster noodles with my grandmother by the temples, my grandmother gave me a basket of gum, to sell in the midst of the crowd. Back then, I was, real cute, with a fanny pack on my waist, I was a smooth talker, had a lot of business! Afterwards, grandma would take me to McDonald’s, and since then, I’d started, enjoy, selling things.”

“And working at the drink shop in middle school, it’s because of this too?”

“Yup, I’d hated studying, just rote memorizations all day long, how boring! Mixing the drinks, receiving payments, making changes, chit-chatting with the customers, that, is more fun! I’m really happy now, dressing up every single day, and, I’d, helped my customers, dress up too.” As she’d told me this, her face lit up.

setting up a clothing stands 的圖片結果setting up shop here!  Photo from online…

I’d like seeing my students looking dolled up, but, just in the forms of their uniforms clean, the skirts at one-centimeter above the knee, no dyeing or perming their hair, working hard, writing down notes in class, not distracted, not dozing off, that kind of beauty. In the distant times, we were all, educated, to be in our places, and, we’d, taken all of it in stride. The instructors wanted us to behave, to follow the rules, to study hard, to NOT date, we’d followed those rules. We were, a group of continuing on students, a model for the rest of the school, but, we’d forgotten, that NOT everybody fitted perfectly, into this mold.

The customers left with that satisfied look on their faces, with a bag of clothes. She’d told me, “Teacher, I’m about to turn inn now, let me treat you to a cup of bubble tea, you used to, reward us like that, remember?”

I stared at her, my eyes became wet, I was, truly glad, to see how much she’d, grown, how she’d found, her own happiness. In the path of education, I might have, done something right.

So, this, is how the teacher realized, that she did, make a difference in a former student’s life, although, she’s not some hot-shot CEO of a major company or whatever, but, she’s, very good at doing what she does, and, she’d, found her place, and that, is what’s important, finding what fitted Y-O-U, instead of going along with what people are telling you what might fit you, because only YOU know yourselves well.


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