Where, Do We Go from Here…

“Where do we go from here?”, he’d stated, more like a declaration, and not a question…

Where, do we go from here, after everything that’s already, happened, how, do we, EVER, go back to where we had been, how do we, get back the “us” that’s, already, left behind?

Where, do we go from here? Nobody knows, so, we all do what we do best, putting that one foot in front of the other, and, keep, marching on, yeah, follow that man in front of you, that’s right, just, keep going!

at crossroads, not my picture…

Where, do we go from here? We now have, a new leader, but, s/he doesn’t do SHIT, just hide behind the giant desk, and, when the country needed our leader to respond, to a crisis or any number of emergency, s/he just, ducks and hides out, like, s/he’d, always done her/his whole life…

Where, do we go from here? I really don’t know, and, I can careless, ‘cuz I’m at the point in my life, that I’m just, comfortable, going with the flow of things, as they come naturally, and yeah, I know that that, can be dangerous, but so what? I’m sure, that I will, be well taken care of in life here!!!

lost in thought…not my photo…


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