Having the New Year’s Early

The homecoming of the daughters, a Chinese tradition, translated…

The sun is gentle, the trees are, green, the warmer winter of this year, gave me my New Year’s early.

My daughter who’s going to school in Japan is on winter vacation, two days before her return to Taiwan, I’d started fluffing up the pillows, the quilt, and tidied up her room, there’s that mirage, of me, doing the year-end cleaning. I’d recalled how back in my childhood, as my aunt and uncle came home for the first time on the second of the Chinese New Year’s, my grandpa,, who normally never swept, started sweeping up the house and the outside too, and, he’d managed, to clean up the fields as well.

happy that we’re all together again, not my photograph…

Turns out, the parents felt expectant, and overjoyed, as their children are, arriving home for the holidays.

I’d loved the Chinese New Year’s the most as a child, the day before New Year’s Eve, everybody in the house changed into their brand new clothes, rode on the tricycles, then, alighted the bus, returned, back to the fisher’s village with the salted scent in the air, and gentle sea breeze of home; grandma and grandpa ushered us in, the neighboring elders said, “you’re all home!”, there was, so much, love. As we gathered for the New Year’s Eve meal, on the table, there was, that properly prepared, grand-scale meal unlike how we used to cook every day, the joys of the family gathering, made the dimly dining room light up, shone ALL the way, into the living room, it’d, illuminated a lifetime’s worth of bliss for us.

It was, a rare trip that my daughter made home, and, she’s, fully booked in her schedule, visiting friends, gathering for meals, she’d gone to eat everything she wanted to, she’d gone along with us to hike, to go to the opera house, to shop at the malls; but, none of this compared to how comfortable and happy we feel, cooking side-by-side, and circling around the dining room tables, and sharing our meals.

I’d gone shopping for the fishes and shrimps, the raucous of the crowds had that joy of last minute shopping, and, I’d, missed how my mother had, gone out during the daytime, carrying that heavy shopping bag.

a great ocassion to gather together, as a family…not my clip art.

My daughter made tomato sauce with rice and fish baked with cheese, I’d stewed up a pot of stewed meat, and, cooked up the broccoli, the shrimp with the green onions, peas with squid, and, a pot of meat stew with corn. This meal had stayed, on our taste buds, I’d recalled how the poet wrote, “The heart is where the home is”, and, anyplace with the parents, that, is home, and now, when my darling daughter comes home, it’s, the New Year’s holidays for me.

The days of my daughter’s return were dipped in honey, and, after she’d lived away, she’d become, closer and, more well-rounded too, but, in a jiffy, she is, headed back again. She’s like the wind, as she came, my heart became, lifted, and, as she’s gone, there’s, that slight hint of sorrow; turns out, that my grandpa’s pacing in the fields as my aunt left home, and, as I drove away from my parents’ and saw my dad staring at my car through the rearview, it’s, a love, that’s passed down from generations before, and I’d, only come to understand this now.

With a hug, and endless amount of love and blessings, to my dearest daughter, may you have, an amazing, year of the rooster, full of joy, peace, and comfort.

This mother looks forward to her daughter coming home to visit, because the daughter lives abroad, kinda like how every year from before when we came back here, we are welcomed by all our families, because there’s that sense of coming home, once, in a very, very long while feel to it.


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