Watching the Planes

On becoming a flight attendant, translated…

I loved watching the airplanes. On the sunny days, I’d loved, observing the airplanes flying high over the skies above, and, under the never-ending blue skies, with the sunlight, the plane looked, even more delicate; that hardened and soft lines of the planes had me, intrigued. I wouldn’t call myself a plane fanatic, I’d not even known each model and make well enough, I’d just, loved, gazing up, to see the radiance, of the planes flying overhead.

Don’t know if it’s because of this, back in college, I’d found myself to be intrigued with the airline industry, and, I’d, gone to the interviews. But unfortunately, both times, I was, beaten and not selected, it’d, deeply, impacted my life.

After graduation, I’d decided, to try working in other industries, although there were, many positions that the airlines were, hiring for, I’d still remained, unfazed. But, after a while, I’d started, becoming, bored of my day-to-day work, and, the passions I feel for the airline industries were once again, reignited.

After I’d made up my mind, I’d started, researching the information, and, read through the experiences of people online, practiced on the old exams, and, watched related films………

After two years, I’d, taken that step again. This, was the very FIRST interview I’d gone to, for an airline since my graduation, and, although I’d not gotten past the first screen, and, I was, crying like hell at the storage, and, maybe, it’s because of how I was, polished in my past jobs, I’d immediately, pulled myself, BACK out of my own defeat, told myself, “I have, NO more time, to get, stuck in the sorrows again!”

And because as I was working, the thoughts of taking the exams for the airlines kept surfacing into my mind, after careful thought, I’d, sent in my resignation. And, I’d, sent my résumés in four, five times, and, I’d, gotten, slashed out after that very first interview, and, I’d gotten, kicked off the roster after submitting my applications online too. And this last time, I’d, set my mind to ease, and, I’d, managed to, get to this, final stage of test, and, successfully, gotten my ticket in—I am now, officially, a flight attendant.

A short while ago, mom told me she wanted to go to her favorite brunch shop, and, I’d, made reservations early. I’m on the verge of being in the training programs, and have only little time to spend with my families now, and, my unwilling to leave my mom made me ranted on incessantly in the diner, even of those miniscule matters in life.

After we ate, we strolled around in the small park across the diner, and, an airplane brushed by the skies overhead, and, I’d told my mother, in a heartfelt manner, “If I passed the tests successfully, and become a flight attendant, whenever you miss me, just, lift your head up toward the skies and look.”, after my mother heard, she’d started, crying, and, pulled me close to her.

我喜歡看飛機。在晴天的日子裡,總愛觀察高空中出現的飛機蹤影,飛機在廣闊無邊的藍天...from the papers…

I was, shocked by my mother’s reactions, and, my eyes turned red too. In twenty-four years, I’d never left my mother’s side, she was, my closest of kin, and, my best friend too. I knew, that no matter how unwilling she was to let go of me, she will, allow me to fly out, to seek out my own dreams no matter what.

And, even if I’d managed to pass the exams, when I see these planes overhead, I’m surely, to have different feelings. I will then, work hand-in-hand with the airplanes, and, the tracks I’d left behind, are the “proof of work” that I will have; and, for mom, lifting her head to see the airplane, will NO longer be a simple act to her either.

So, this, is on chasing dreams, this woman was brave enough, to quit her job, in pursuits of her own dreams, and, although, she’d been defeated, but, she’d, bounced right back up, because she realized how important it is, for her, to live her dreams.


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