The New Year’s Eve Supper at My Grandmother’s

A family get-together, a bit different this year now, translated…

In the past, we’d spent our New Year’s Eve at my maternal grandmother’s house.

My maternal grandmother had seven daughters, and, in the ages of male-centeredness, she’d had, a difficult time, but she’d still, worked hard, to raise her daughter into adulthood.

The seven fairies married and started working, they’d all found different stages to shine on, the year that my youngest aunt was married, I’d heard, that for the New Year’s Eve supper, it was only my grandmother and grandfather, dining alone on their own.

a New Year’s Eve supper for the Chinese people, photo from online…

And, ever since then, my aunts started, making a date for New Year’s Eve for supper at grandma’s. At the fullest, we’d packed up four tables. And, my grandmother and my aunts are all great cooks, the passions of the countryside were shown, by them, cooking the foods in large quantities, and, all the members of the family looked forward to this large-scale New Year’s Eve supper together.

AT the start of the year, my grandmother passed away, at the age of ninety-five, and we’d known, that this year, the New Year’s wouldn’t be the same anymore, but, the aunts and my mother still all agreed, to cook up the delicious foods, to head home for the reunion as usual, that they intended to, put that smile, on my grandfather, who hadn’t laughed in a long while back on his face.

So, there’s, a lot of changes this year, your grandmother passed away, and, your mother and your aunts decided, to make their own celebration, for your grandfather’s sake, and this, will probably, bring the family closer together, as now, you’ll all, cherish the moments you share even more, as you’d, lost a member of your family now.

 all the generations gather together, to celebrate…not my art.






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