Fighting Off the Cold

Adapting to the weather here, moving from another place you used to live in, translated…

The winter in Taiwan always came lately, but like the saying of “what will be, will be”, winter finally had, arrived, by mid-December to us.

Although it’s the winter, but, it’s just that the temperature dropped to the teens in the nighttime, with stronger winds, and, in the daytime, when there’s the sun, the temperatures can still get up to the twenties, and, as we’d put on more clothes and gone out, we’d started, sweating. But, because we were, tried by the winters in Taiwan in the past multiple times, we’d not, let our guards down. For we knew, that although on the outside, the winters in Taiwan are, seemingly kind and gentle, but, if we’d, overlooked the sharp differences of the temperatures in the daytime and the night, and inside and outside, and not put on enough clothes, or wore too much, there’s still, a very HIGH chance of us, catching a cold.

just keep on blowing that nose!  not my picture…

It’s must easier, to defend the cold in Poland compared to in Taiwan, because as we’d turned on the heaters we’d stayed warm, and, remembered our hats, scarves, gloves as we headed out, using the “onion-style” (the multiple layers, easy to put on, easy to take off), and, as we’d entered into indoors with the heating systems, then, we can, take all the extra layers off, there wouldn’t be, much that are, amiss. And, even IF we catch a cold, the process of healing usually, is very quick too, follow the doctor’s order, stay at home, drink plenty of fluids for a week’s time, and, we would’ve, gotten over the colds. So mostly, in Poland, you just, need to, keep in mind the basic rules, then, it is, easy to handle, like how my husband can blow up when he’s angry, but afterwards after he’d, calmed back down, I can, communicate with him again, using human tongues.

And, the winters in Taiwan, are like MY temperament. Normally, very ordinary, to the point, of mild, but when I’d gotten angered, everything goes off, and, there were, many aftermath instances that will be, dragged out, LONG after it’s over. The barely noticeable changes in temperature, was quite difficult for us to adjust, after we were, all used to the winters of Poland, and, after we catch our colds, because the temperatures goes up and down like an elevator, that’s made it, more difficult, for us, to heal completely, and, each time we’d gotten sick, it’d, lasted two, to three weeks. And, even IF our colds are gone completely, the coughs would worsen, because of how damp the weather gets here, I just, can’t get better.

hope that this will do the “trick”…not my cartoon…

I’d asked for help from the online community, and in one posting, I received, FORTY replies. Some suggested that I toast up an orange and eat it, steam a pear with crystalized sugar, place that aged ginger onto the soles of my feet, soak my feet, drinking warm water, make honey lemon drinks, drink water with onions cooked in it, kumquat teas, the radishes with the malt sugar, almond teas, heated up the coke, with lemon, and cook it up with ginger……there were, an assortment, it’s, more colorful, than the British way of “Honey Lemon Black Tea” and the Polish “Raspberry Juice”, or the “Garlic and Onion with the honey waters”. At this time, I’d, made me understand, that coughing for a long time after getting a cold, is, a prevalent thing in Taiwan, it’s a wonder, that EVERYBODY has her/his own ways of a cure.

After being sick for two whole weeks, taking the western meds, and tried out a TON of old wives’ ways, I’d finally, passed, this cold. And, the temperatures in Taiwan had, rose a bit. My husband looked out the window, at the sun, and stated, “Now, the weather in Taiwan is like at Easter in Poland, although the sun’s out, but, as the breezes started, it’s still, quite cold.”

Ahhhhhhhh, so, the winters in Taiwan, is like the springs or autumns in Poland then, constantly changing, never the same, like those fifty shades of Grey. Had we realized this sooner, then, maybe, we would’ve, adapted, quicker.

it’s quite awful, feeling like this, not my photograph…

So, this, is on the adaptations, that someone has to make, moving from a place to another, there are, weather differences, moving to a brand new place to live, like how when I first got back to this HELL HOLE, I’d gotten this, very SEVERE cold, and I’d never had a cold, as in EVER, and, that cold lasted, a VERY long time, I’d had to, go see the doctors, for ‘bout three times, then, the years that followed this initial cold, I’d suffered allergies, each and EVERY single year………


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