Reading Poetry, a Poem

Being driven, to return back, to, the simplest of all forms, leaving ALL the external desires, temptations, behind completely, translated…

Reading Poetry is, Constantly, Making Oneself Return Back to Zero

Becoming, a Baby Undressed, or, a Rock

Becoming the Brightest

But, Misguiding Star

And the Purpose of the Sun

Is so that Nobody Knows What it’s there For

If Reading Poetry Makes You Feel Pain

Then, Go Find that Painkiller

Inside that Merriam-Webster Dictionary

The Words are Something Good, the Juices of Imageries

And, the Poems Gained that Life Force, Blood, with the Life and the Mysteries, Attached

With the Moving Sentiments of the Rivers that Flowed

The Noises Made by the Fishes, Leaping Toward Their Separate Goals in Life

And, They’re Also, in Search, of that Calcium-Enriched Term

For Instance, the Bones, a Sort of, a Deep, Deep Kind of, Silence

Not, Found within the Delicateness of the Skins

And Even, if the Bones Were, Undressed

There’s Still, Some Heat, Hidden Inside it

Reading a Poem, is Sometimes Like

Grabbing onto a Catfish with One’s Hands

Carelessly, It’d, Slipped Away, from Your Consciousness

And, Made its Way, into the Feelings, Becoming

That Nameless Metaphor

Imagination is Like that Streetlamp at the Midnight Hours

And so, You can Search for the Fair Lady

And He Can, Find that Gentleman within Himself

But I Was, Unfortunate, to Bump into, a School of Stupid Fish

That’s, Devoured, the Buddhist Nature in Me that’s Smoked in Completely

As I Read on

I’d Finally, Returned Myself, BACK to Zero

No Longer, am I, the Point of Origin that Glowed On

This, I Suppose, is a, Good Kind of a Choice in Life Too

So, this, is the state of mind, of someone, feeling tired of pursuing the pointless things in life, the fame, the fortune, and the narrator finally realized, that s/he needed to, return, back to the purest state of mind that s/he had before, and, s/he’d searched all over, for that original state of mind that s/he had, and finally, s/he had, found it, and now, s/he will, hold on, and cherish that sense of simplicity more, because s/he had, lost it once before, and, it’d, taken the individual, too god DAMN long, to find it all back again!


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