Clues, a Poem

Thing that went missing, the questions we want the answers to, translated…

The Clues from Memories, Can be Wiped Away at Anytime


His Story, Your Life

Everything Can Get, Mismatched Like a Collage

With Different Interpretations

not my art…

There’s No Lake in the Great Lakes

Don’t Know if There’s Any Truth on Truth Street?

The Horns from the Petunias Won’t Sound Off

The Birds of Paradise Can’t Get to Heaven Now

You Want to Know the Whereabouts of the Bees

Just, Plant a Little Hope in the Gardens Then

not my photograph…

And so, there are, clues from one’s life left scattered, all around, and, it’d, become, a HUGE jigsaw puzzles, with the pieces gone missing over long periods of time, and now, as you try piecing it all back together, you’re having, a TON of troubles, because, those missing pieces, where, did they go? Lost through time, perhaps???





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