The No-Show at the New Year’s Eve Get Together

A grudge, that lasted, through the years, still NOT being resolved to date, translated…

Two years ago, I had a conversation with my younger brother, and, we’d started fighting over politics; on New Year’s Eve supper, my mother cooked a table’s worth of delicacies, and, my younger brother called me down to supper, but, I, being stubborn, ignored him.

Last year, my mother rode out to shop, and, had gotten run over, bruised all over. My younger brother saw her, and felt bad, but, as he’d consoled with her, he’d gotten, a bit too loud, and, he and my mother got into it, and so, on that New Year’s Eve, he’d gotten angered, and not come home for the New Year’s Eve supper, it was, just my mother and I, sitting and staring at each other at the supper table.

yup, that’s what IT looks like all right!!!  Not my photo…

Since dad died, there were just, the three of us left, but, we’d often, gotten angered at one another, over the most miniscule of matters, and, we’d had, two consecutive years, of NOT having all three of us there. We’d loved and cared for each other, but, our prides got in the way.

For us, New Year’s were, the happier times, dad would always shop for the candies early, and, like saving, he’d, stashed them all away inside that storage bin, waited until mom cooked us the foods, and as everybody was fed, dad had, handed us the red envelopes, and, we’d started playing the game of rolling the dice, see whose digits were, bigger. The rules were simple, the loser needed to recite a poem, and, if we can’t, then, we’d needed to do ten squatting jumps, we were louder, than the celebratory firecrackers going off outside our home!

Seeing how the Chinese New Year is about to be here again, I’d worked up the courage, texted my younger brother who’s working in Taipei, “Mom’s elderly! I’d been ill! We all miss you, come home for the New Year’s Eve supper, okay?”, he’d only replied, “I’m very busy! Let me think about it.”

I’d felt soured in the nose, filled with a mixture of feelings, I really don’t hope, that we have, one person less for New Year’s Eve supper again this year. Looking at my father’s place setting on the shrine, I’d, started, crying.

this would be what may have happened before, not my photo…

So, because of an argument that happened a little back, someone felt hurt, and, the younger brother had, stayed away, because he’d not wanted to, revisit those awful memories, as he’d done nothing wrong, he was just, trying, to fend for his own mother, and, he got, grilled for it, and, this young man held a grudge, and, maybe, it’s the temperaments of this family that’s too strong, with each one of them, unwilling, to back down, so, this year, once again, someone, didn’t, come home for the holidays!


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