The Red Brick Wall, a Poem

The communication became only, a ONE-WAY STREET here, translated…

and this, is what that looks like, NOT my picture…

The Streetlamps Grilled the Wall that’s Insomniac

Which Bricks are with the Hidden Thoughts

The Wall Refused to Answer

Night After Night, it’d Just, Kept Counting the Mosses, and

How Many Leaves Climbed Over It

So, you want the secrets, well, I’m NOT telling, and, thus, the streetlamps will, TRY to get what the wall’s hiding every single night, only to face that SILENCE, that this, RED brick wall has prepared for it, kinda like how communication is sometimes, between the lovers, isn’t it???

someone’s ’bout to cave here, I’m thinkin’…not my photograph…


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