From, I’m NO Good at This, to I’m Getting Better at It Now

Reflecting on this past year, and, making ALL those, FALSE promises to the self again, translated…

A man can’t stand it, when someone tells him that he’s no good, especially if it comes from his girlfriend, but, I’d needed to, admit, that, I’m an ordinary man, and, there are, a lot of things, that I’m just, NO good at…………

I would tell my girlfriend, “No, I can’t quit you, I can’t stand a day without you around me! This world can live without the sun for a day, but, I can’t, EVER spend one day without you, here, in my arms!”

on self-deception, NOT my artwork…

And the “I can’t” to the boss: “No, I really can’t put in my overtime tonight! I’m having, menstrual cramps……uh, my girlfriend is having her menstrual cramps, no, I need to, get off now, I need, to take her to see the doctors………”

The “No” I’d told my parents entails, “No! I must, put off the marriage plans, these days, marrying at forty isn’t too late, you want a grandchild, you’d have to wait then, your son can’t even keep himself well, how can I have money, to raise your grandchild?”

I’d tell my friends now when they try to borrow money from me, “No, I can’t loan you $10,000N.T.s, I just, don’t have that much extra cash to give. $5,000N.T.? Can’t! We’d been, friends this long, and, you’d only asked $5,000N.T. from me, what is this, an INSULT???”

and, you’re, doing this, to YOURSELVES!!!  Not my photo still…

And, finally, the “NO” I’d tell myself: “Nope, I just, can’t get into the habits of, saving my money! Whenever I saw those digits on my bank records, I’d wanted to, kill it all off! DAMN! No more spending listlessly next time, I’ll, I’ll, I’ll, CHOP my own hands off, to keep me from spending money then…………”

Seeing ALL of the statements above, do they sound, a bit, familiar? But, do you think, that when we say that we “can’t”, we’re only, making excuses? This year, I’d, made a resolution, to say a little less “I can’t”, to make myself, into, the “Can-Do MAN” in people’s beliefs.

So, this, would be, your New Year’s resolution, isn’t it? But, chances are, that you will, FALL BACK to your old ways, as it takes a LOT of self-restraints, self-control, and self-awareness, to do ALL of those, and this just shows, how we will, keep on rationalizing why we can’t do something, and, keep on, PROCRATSTINATING on the things that we need to, finish up in life!




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