Strolling, in the City of Taipei

The roads are, still the same, but, the memories are, added again, this year, with the combinations from the memories of the years before, and thus, the tradition continues, translated…

With one less person, the New Year became, a little less celebratory, and, there wasn’t the need, to cook ALL those celebratory dishes, and the scent of the New Year’s, the celebration mode, is gone. I’d lived the simpler life with dad everyday already, and, the New Year’s, doesn’t seem that much different than the regular days at all.

taking that walk here, not my photo…

Without mom, my dad’s memories seemed, clearer, than ever. He’d always, ranted on the place they’d gone to together, and told me of the Taipei that he once knew. And, in this holiday season, the shops were, mostly closed, the city of Taipei became, unpopulated, a great time, to go out, and explore.

And so, starting two years ago, my father and I, just the two of us, father and daughter, set out, avoiding all the populated sights, entered, into the city of Taipei. Those hard-to-get parking spaces by the sides of the roads, are now, all opened up, and free for the choosing. And, it’d become, easier, for the elderly, to take a long walk down the streets.

Following the Zhongshan S. Road, my father finally, got the chance, to gaze deep, upon that building he’d loved so much, and, there was, that hard-to-come-by openness of the grand halls of the city council building too. My father was also attracted, to the modern-style of the N.T.U. Hospital Children’s Hospital building. He’d recalled, how back when the children’s hospital was built, the N.T.U. Hospital had, a total makeover. As he’d become, intrigued by what the Department of Legislation looked like, I’d, taken him to visit there too, took a photo of him, standing by the outside. Finally, we’d, stood, at the cross section of Zhongshan S. Road and Zhonghsiao W. Road. Gazing onward, toward the opposite side of the street, and, although, we were, from separate generations, we were, both, moved by the same emotions. I’d started, trekking the roads I’d taken in life so far, and, wondered, where I’m going next, and it seemed, that we’re, being, led, to a brand new place in our lives too.

walking into a world, not knowing what’s waiting for you there, that, is what’s exciting!  Not my photograph…

As I’d taken my father to trek on the roads he’d traveled in the past, although, nothing is the same again, but as he’d noted the place he’d known so well before, and gotten all worked up over it, I was, so glad, that I had the chance, of sharing this amazing experience with him.

On this journey to tour the city during the New Year’s, we’d gotten that unexpected safety of the streets, with little to NO traffic, and, especially when, the images that were stored in both our memories corresponded to each other, it’d created, that sense of connection that we’d come to share, and, as that moment came, we were both, ecstatic, and surprised. Taking the strolls down ALL the memory lanes, gave us, one surprise, after the next, and the next, and the next; this year, allow, us to take another trip into the city, to see, what we will, discover again!

So, as you walked down those streets today, all the memories of the past, of you, walking down those same streets from years and years ago, came back to life again, it’s like, taking that tour back in time, where you started to, remember, ALL the wonderful things you’d, experienced in life already, and, it’s, a great way, to start off the new year!

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