Met After Goodbye…

We’d met, after goodbye, and after we’d, bumped into one another after goodbye, we thought, as we’d passed one another by, hey, you look familiar! But, nothing beyond that, sense of a foreign kind of, familiarity.

Met after goodbye, maybe, it’s a good thing, as we were, never going to fit in to each other’s lives so perfectly, like pieces of the puzzle, we both have our separate tendencies, ways, and that, was that. Met after goodbye, and, it was, finalized, our goodbye, and, maybe, it was by the hands of fate, that it’d wanted us, to give it, another try…

But why, we’d not worked out back then, so, why would we, work now? Because we’re, both older, we’re, both more mature than we once were? Met after goodbye, wish, that it was, finalized, like that signed decree of divorce, but it wasn’t, we’d not, severed these ties completely, and, we will, always, NEVER cut off from each other, because, we’re both, trapped, in this, vicious cycle, where one of us, got in the mode, of manipulating the other into doing what s/he wants, and, one of us, was bound, to lose this war!

what it looked like…not my photo…

Met after goodbye, but W-H-Y, why would I, want to, meet up with you again, after we’d already said goodbye? Because I still feel something for you? Or, because, this love hadn’t found the closure it’d needed, so, it’s, lingering on? Or could it be, that you’re like an BAD addiction, that I need to get off, step, by step, slowly………

Met after goodbye, we won’t, meet again, I suppose, and yet, I saw you, so many times, after we’d said our goodbyes, but, you’d not, looked my way, guess you got over me, way faster than, I’m, getting, over you!



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