The Pastures, a Poem

On how to love someone right, translated…

That Plain with No End in Sight

Without the Mysteriousness of the Black Forest

Without the Exotic Trees

Here, the Grasses, Flowers, the Rabbits, the Mice All Understood

That the Closer You are to the Ground

The More Alive You’ll Be

breezes through the plains 的圖片結果not my photo…

Even the Wind, Who’d Usually Blew Up High


That to Gently Stroke Its Lover, the Earth’s Hairs

It’d Needed to, Bend Down a Bit

Gently, and Mild

Kind, and Considerate

So, this just shows, how a person should treat someone s/he loves dear, with extraordinary kindness, just like how the wind realized, that in order, to get closer to his lover, the earth, he’d needed to, bend down lower, be humbler, in the face of love.

the wind, kissing the grasses 的圖片結果the wind, grooming through the plains, not my photo still…


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