Are the Bags All Packed???

Ahhhhhhhhhhhh, why did I have to, unpack that first time??? Translated…

I’d checked and checked, and checked, and finally, I’d, placed that lid onto the luggage, locked up the suitcase, wrapped a rope around it twice, now, it’s, sturdy and packed. On the long journey, things wouldn’t fall out of it, and supposedly, it won’t, be easy for someone who had bad wills to open either, it’s, supposedly, safe, and secure now. I’d hesitated for a very long while, before I’d, closed the luggage, did I get everything? I still have some time, do I want to, wait, to see if something I may have forgotten comes up? To the end, it’s, about time to leave, and I suppose that I’d, packed everything I’m going to need. Then, I’d, packed up my luggage tight. And, after I was done packing up, I’d realized, that something was wrong.

and, we ALWAYS end up packing MORE than we need as a result…not my photo.

I’d found, that there was something, that I don’t really need, that took up too much space; and, I’d, recalled, that I’d, forgotten to put something I’d needed in, that if I didn’t have it, it would be, awful, and how uneasy it would be, for me, to carry it by hand. I’d thought about, unlocking the suitcase, and repack it back in, but, it was, too troubling, so, I guess, I should just, leave it then? But………And so, I’d, prepared, to open the suitcase up, worked hard, to adjust the placements of every single item I’d packed, and, I’d, packed it all in again. This sort of a procedure, before I headed out, has happened, time, after time, one time too many already.

So, had you just stepped out the door, and got onto the ride to the airport, then, none of this would’ve happened, would it? But, because you thought too much, about what you’re to pack, what you’d forgotten to take with you on your trips, that, is why, you’d become, trapped, in this packing/unpacking cycle nonstop, and that, is how life sometimes is, we think, we had everything in check, but, as we thought on it, we felt, that we may have things that we’d missed out on, and, we’d, gone back to it, and, we never move forward, because, we’re, stuck in what we need to pack, but didn’t………

the art, of traveling light, not my photo still…


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