Using the Recycled Materials to Make Toys for His Daughter, Giving Her an Unforgettable Childhood

Handmade toys that don’t cost a bundle, making memories for his own young daughter, the love of this father is, incredible, from the Newspapers, translated…

The kids in other families loved new toys and new presents, the “Daddy Bear”, Guo-Xing Hsiung in Taoyuan loved using the recycled materials and made them into brand new toys for his daughter, all of the secondhand items he’d made showed all the love he has for his daughter, not only did his daughter have a ton of fun, playing with the handmade toys, a lot of the parents are all, envious of him.

The items of Patrick from Spongebob made with a bathtub, Totoro, along with the rocking horse which was a favorite of children’s, along with the pumpkin carriage for the princess, all came from Papa Bear’s hands. And, the “toy factory” is located in an alley in Longtang, in a garage, with a pile of what’s considered JUNK in laypersons’ eyes, but, they were, the dream playland of Papa Bear.

Papa Bear studied mechanic in technical high school, he’d taken up after his father’s saving every penny attitude since he was a child, and after he graduated, he’d worked in the garages, to accumulate his working experiences, and after he’d honed up on his skills, he’d struck out on his own, set up a paint shop for cars. And because of the busyness of life and work, he’d not had any time to stay by his first two daughters’ sides when they were younger, until the third daughter came, he’d made up his mind about making sure that she experienced his love to the fullest, four years ago, he went into the constructions of remaking preowned materials.

As other people would go to the supermarkets to shop, to shop at the malls, Papa Bear would always take his wife, Mama Bear to the recycle yards to select the items, “All the recycle yards in Taoyuan all knew, that I was, buying the materials in bulk, and so, I’d always, paid the highest amount for the goodies”, he’d laughed and said, he could always imagine how the items would look before he’d finished building them, and so, he’d not cared about the prices he’d paid for the raw materials.

圖像裡可能有一或多人和戶外the man’s “toy factory” set up in 2016, photo from Facebook…

In order to save the older furniture, the older things, they’d often driven out of county, to help people clean up their houses, and, arrived home with the things that those homeowners threw away, and, rebuilt the items, altered, like the mobile library that made its way into the elementary schools and parks, the “Blue Volkswagen”, were made from the gas tank of a construction truck; and the characters from Miyazaki’s animated films, which were found, in the waiting booths of the bus stops, were made from the old bathtubs he’d recycled this year.

“Some laughed and called us crazy!”, Papa Bear told, that as his friends and families saw him spending a lot of money on preowned items, they’d all called him foolish, but he’d not minded, in order, to make those beautiful memories for his young children, he will, keep at it.

So, this man is now, living out his dreams, of accompanying his own daughter in growing up, and, by being there, spending the time and putting in the heart, to make all those toys by hand, I’m sure, that his little girl, will grow up, knowing how much her daddy loved her, and, she is bound to, take this experience of being loved, and, pass it down to her own young some day…


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