Hope You Will Become a Comic Artist

Supporting the children’s dreams here, on parent-child interactions, translated…

That day at supper, my son told us, that he wanted to become, a comic artist when he grows up. He is in his last year of middle school now, and is faced with the high school entrance exams, he’d blurted it out after his father asked him of his future plans. My husband is a traditionalist, the members of his family mostly worked in public offices, and, as he’d heard my son’s replies, his face turned ashen.

He’d asked him, why he’d wanted to become a comic artist? What his plans for his own futures were? My son couldn’t answer ANY of his father’s inquiries, only knew, to keep on drawing out his comics, and my son’s replies, had now, angered my husband so, he’d claimed, that even with a public office job, it’d gotten, too hard, to live off of, how could he possibly, survive in this world by becoming a comic artist?

那天在飯桌上,兒子忽然說他將來想當漫畫家。他現在就讀國三,正面臨考高中的階段,聽...from the papers…

My son made his escape back into his room, it’s clear to see, how displeased he was, of getting talked down by his own father. Actually, my son loved doodling since he was younger, I’d felt, that he may be in areas of work, related to art; and, as he’d told us of his dreams, I’d not felt that it was, wrong or improper at all, after all, the makings of a dream, may sometimes be quite far-fetched.

And, after that, there was, a long while, that the two of them never spoke a word to each other. I’d found the opportunity one day, and, tried convincing my husband. There was a little girl with cerebral palsy, Ling in our community, and, on the sunny days, her mother would take her to the courtyard to walk around, to prevent the deteriorations of her muscles; every time I saw how hard Ling was practicing to work, my heart would go out to her.

I’d told my husband, that I’d struck up a conversation with Ling and her mother once, Ling said that her dream was to one day, walk up the Alishan mountain, so she can watch the sunrise from the mountaintops; back then as I’d heard, I’d, cried for her, but, seeing how stable and strong, Ling’s mother was, in caring for her young, I’d felt, that my tears were, a bit too burdensome for her.

a sketch someone made, found online…

I kept remembering how Ling’s eyes twinkled as she talked of her dreams. But, you can’t just, speak of your dreams, nor are dreams, tools, to be used, to satisfy the expectations of the parents. I really do hope, that my husband can understand, that our son is able, to make the judgments for himself, that it doesn’t matter if the dreams were big or small, so long, one can use one’s own abilities, to achieve one’s own dreams, and that would be, the purpose of why dreams exist.

After hearing me out, my husband seemed to be persuaded, hovered down and not said a word, later on, he’d told me, that he’d not wanted our son, to do things halfway. And so, I’d told my son, once you’d set a goal, then, you need to, work toward your goals, NO matter what, that he can’t just have, the heats for his dreams for short periods of time.

Remembering how awhile back I saw on the papers, that the Department of Culture awarded out the Comic Artists Awards, and how they’re looking, to train the comic artists to draw better, I’d transmitted the news to my son, hoping, that he can understand, that the pulses of time, belonged, to those who are, willing, to make breakthroughs and are willing to invent and innovate. I truly hope, that my son, can draw out his own separate pieces of beautiful skies, living that colorful life for himself.

more sketches, from online…

So, these, are the parents’ worries, and their dreams for their young, and maybe, the father’s worries are warranted, but, after the wife got to know why her husband was against their son becoming a comic artist, she’d conveyed the dad’s thought to her son, hoping, that he will, persist in his dreams, and not just have the three-minute interests, and, it’s, quite normal, that before you’re in your thirties (but that’s still NOT a set age), to KNOW exactly, WHAT you are going to do, to make a living, for the rest of your life, besides, you’re supposed to have those grandeur dreams from when you were younger, so, STOP shooting your kids’ dreams down, and just, be supportive of them…


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