The Ability of Being Single

The understandings from the passage of life, translated…

One day as I went to get breakfast, as I was waiting, I carried on in conversation with the female shop owner, when it was funny, I couldn’t help, but laugh aloud, and, the owner stated to me, “Only when you’re still single, can you, afford to laugh about it.”

But, the shop owner doesn’t understand, HOW much pressures had been, compounded into being single too. Because we’re single, we’d needed to, make our own money, watch out for our own wellbeing, and everything, we take responsibilities for ourselves. And, this requires the knowledge and abilities to take care of oneself, we’d needed to, educate ourselves, to up our own skills, then, we can, start flashing out our smiles of confidence in front of the rest of the world.

here’s a “sign” for that, from online…

Once after a Spa, the manager asked me, what I was doing afterwards? I’d told her, I am going out for coffee with a friend, after she’d heard, she’d commented, “Must be nice, being single!”, I’d replied back playfully, “Otherwise, why would I want to be single?”

Whether if you’re with someone, or still single, you’d needed to, live happy and free. You can save those applauses and envies for others, but, affirmations and that self-confidence, we need to, save it, for ourselves.

So, this, is a woman’s views, and, there are worries of being single, just as there are also, different worries for those who are with someone, so, STOP envying each other’s statuses, and just, LIVE your lives well, that way, no matter what someone will envy you too!


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